Charging at Green Mountain Coffee in Vermont


A Latte With a Shot of Electrons

If you’ve ever had Green Mountain Coffee, you’ve probably guessed that they started in Vermont, “The Green Mountain State.”

On a recent electric road trip through New England, we stopped by the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center & Café in Waterbury and plugged into a public charging station that they have available for visitors.


The Café is located in a restored train station built in 1875 and the ChargePoint Level 2 EVSE is under an awning next to the old loading dock which is now an outdoor seating patio. The charging station is well-marked with a blue way-finding sign. Curiously, there was a sign underneath that said “INFO” so as to suggest that EV charging info was available at the site. I never found out what that was about.


Located at a Restored Historic Train Station

Inside the converted train station is a coffee bar with free coffee samples and food items. You can also browse the gift shop. Down the hall is a series of interactive displays and videos to show visitors how Green Mountain Coffee goes from “source to cup.”


Sip Coffee While Your Car Sips Electrons

We selected our caffeinated beverages and ordered a locally baked quiche and sat outside while our car replenished a few miles of range.

The Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center & Café at 1 Rotarian Place in Waterbury, VT is open Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.