Legislation Reference – New Construction EV-Ready Requirements

Howard County Maryland – Title 3, Subtitle 1, Sec. 3.105. – Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

(1) Electric vehicle means a vehicle that uses electricity for propulsion.

(2) Electric vehicle charging station means a connected point in an electrical wiring installation at which current is taken to charge an electric vehicle.

(3) Level 2 charging means a Level 2 electric vehicle charging level as defined by SAE International’s J1772 standard.

(b) Scope.

(1) This section applies to any proposed construction of:

(i) Residential Group R-1 and Residential Group R-2 occupancies, as those labels are used in the Howard County Building Code;

(ii) Residential occupancies with more than two units owned under a condominium or co-operative arrangement; and

(iii) Residential Group R-3 townhouse and single family detached occupancies, as those labels are used in the Howard County Building Code, regardless of the ownership arrangement.

(2) This section applies to parking spaces for electric vehicles that can use an external source of electricity to charge the electric vehicle’s batteries.

(c) Provision of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure.

(1) For new construction subject to this section:

(i) A residential unit with a garage, carport, or driveway shall feature a dedicated electric line of sufficient voltage so that an electric vehicle charging station may be added in the future; and

(ii) The developer shall ensure that at least one communal parking space for each 25 residential units that are not covered under item (i) of this paragraph features an electric vehicle charging station.

(2) For purposes of this section, an electric vehicle charging station shall be capable of providing Level 2 charging or higher to the parking space.

(3) Electric vehicle charging stations shall be labeled for their intended use for electric vehicle charging.

(4) The Building Official, as that term is used in the Howard County Building Code, may specify performance standards for equipment that is installed to comply with this section.

(d) Application. This section shall have no effect if the Howard County Building Code includes provisions to require and regulate electric vehicle charging equipment in the residential occupancies that this section covers.
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