Virginia EV Charging Station Bill Introduced – HB922

City of Manassas, VA EV charging station
City of Manassas, VA EV charging station. photo: @Lanny

Electric vehicle charging stations; local and public operation. Virginia HB922

Virginia Delegate David Bulova of Fairfax County has introduced a bill in the 2018 Virginia General Assembly that would authorize any locality, state park or public institution of higher learning to operate retail fee-based electric vehicle charging stations on their property.

If passed, Virginia HB922 would require the fee-based charging stations at those locations to have signs that restrict their use to employees and authorized visitors only.

HB922 would exempt the affected public institutions that own or operate EV charging stations from being considered a public utility or service company under Virginia regulations.

This bill amends existing Virginia law passed in 2017 that allowed school boards to operate retail fee-based EV charging stations on school property. § 22.1-131. Boards may permit use of various school property; general conditions; electric vehicle charging stations.

B. Any school board may locate and operate retail fee-based electric vehicle charging stations on school property, provided that the use of each such station during the school day is restricted to school board employees, students, and authorized visitors and each such station is accompanied by appropriate signage that provides reasonable notice of such restriction.

It is not clear how HB922 would affect localities that want to install free EV charging stations such as the City of Norfolk which plans to install 100 charging stations donated by Tesla in city-owned parking facilities that drivers can use without paying a fee.

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