UPDATE: Columbia Whole Foods

Columbia WFM GEA few weeks ago I reported that Columbia Whole Foods confirmed that they would have two charging stations at their new store that opens August 20, 2014. The two GE stations have been installed right where I suspected. They are not powered on yet and access to the parking lot is restricted with construction still taking place.

They had said via Twitter, “We’ll have 2 electric vehicle charging stations that can charge 2 vehicles at a time!” Indeed, there are two charging stations and each has one J-1772 connector. I was hoping that meant that each station would have two connectors but that’s not the case.

Columbia WFM Rear
Two GE charging stations at Columbia Whole Foods

Whole Foods will be the first grocery store in Howard County, Maryland to provide car charging for customers. MOM’s Organic Market in Jessup does not have EV charging stations even though most other stores in their chain do. I understand that the reason has something to do with circumstances beyond their control at the Jessup location. I’m grateful for all the businesses that install charging stations for their customers. I’m likely to become a customer and stay a customer of those places.