Tip: Be Kind, Rewind – Hang Up the Charging Cable

damaged EV charging cable
photo: Damaged EV charging cable

Loose Charging Cables Susceptible to Damage

Here’s a quick tip to help keep the public EV charging infrastructure attractive, safe and operating well. Upon completing a charging session, take a few moments to hang up the charging cable so that it is completely off the ground.

It’s tempting to just put the charging connector in the holster and let the cable go. Please consider taking a few extra seconds to hang up the cable too. No need to be too fancy, just a couple big loops so that no part of the cable is touching the ground.

Mowers, Weed Eaters and Plows, Oh My!

A long charging cable splayed out on the ground is not only unattractive but it’s unsafe. In addition to being a tripping hazard, the cable is vulnerable to being damaged from mowing equipment, string trimmers or snow plows.

So, next time you unplug, remember the stickers from the old VHS tapes, “be kind, rewind.”