Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter at MOM’s in Frederick

moms frederick chademo

MOM’s Organic Market in Frederick, Maryland is now lending out a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter so that Model S drivers can use the DC Fast Charger at their store. The idea to offer the adapter came from the founder of MOM’s, Scott Nash, who has been a great supporter of EV charging and drives an electric car.

To charge a Model S at the Frederick store, just ask for the adapter at the customer service desk inside the front door. I tested it out for a few minutes to see how it operated and everything worked fine. I plugged the adapter into the vehicle first, then attached the charger’s CHAdeMO connector to the adapter. Then I pressed the green start button on the charger cabinet. The screen displayed that it was in testing mode for a few seconds, then the green light on the vehicle’s charging port illuminated showing that it was charging. The 25 kW unit charged at a rate of 66 mi/hr.

moms frederick chademo screen

MOM’s Organic Market has free EV charging stations at almost all of their stores. MOM’s says that the Woodbridge store, scheduled to open in August, 2015, will have four Level 2 stations and one DC Fast Charger. If you still drive a fossil fuel car, they will Terrapass your gas and buy carbon credits to offset the carbon dioxide emitted from your round trip to their store. But with so many plug in sites such as these, why not drive electric?

Ref: Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter Manual (PDF)


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