SUV Towed From ICEd Charging Station

Tow truck ICEd EV Charging Station
photo used by permission

It seems to rarely happen but sometimes the rules are enforced when an ICE vehicle blocks an EV charging station. This photo was sent to us by a PlugInSites reader and was taken at One Loudoun near the Alamo Cinema in Ashburn, Virginia.

The charging station space is marked with a sign the states, “ELECTRIC CAR PARKING ONLY – TOWING ENFORCED” It also includes the telephone number to call if towed. The pavement is marked with a blue square bearing an EV charging symbol.

Many jurisdictions allow private property owners such as shopping centers to tow vehicles that trespass or do not follow the rules set by the property. This presumably fell into that category since neither Virginia nor Loudoun County have an anti-ICEing law.

The management of One Loudoun is apparently willing to enforce their parking restrictions. A woman reportedly ran out and chased after the tow truck as it carried away the SUV.

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