Howard County, Maryland EV-Ready Ordinance is a Model for the Nation

The Howard County, Maryland EV-Ready ordinance that passed in 2018 is cited as an example in the recently published Great Plains Institute’s “Summary of Best Practices in Electric Vehicle Ordinances”.

EV-Friendly Zoning Practices

The Howard County legislation (CB76-2018) is recognized as a model to guide other communities in developing EV-friendly zoning ordinances. The bill was sponsored by Jen Terrasa who was my Councilwoman at the time. Terrasa was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 2018 and is a member of the House Environment and Transportation Committee.

The guide summarizes city ordinances and zoning practices regarding:

  • EV charging stations as permitted land use
  • EV make-ready standards
  • EV supply equipment standards
  • EV parking space design and location
  • Required EV parking capacity and minimum parking requirements
  • EV-designated parking use standards and protections
  • Signage, safety, and other standards
  • Definition of terms

Each category includes key points, recommendations and example text from ordinances adopted around the country. Howard County is one of 18 jurisdictions in the US used as an example in the document and is cited in three categories, EV Make-Ready Standards, Required EV Parking Capacity, and Definition of Terms.

Setting the Stage for EV Infrastructure Development

Local governments have at their disposal several tools for supporting electric vehicle infrastructure and to encourage EV adoption to reduce their local transportation emissions and create healthier communities. The Great Plains Institute is working closely with communities to identify specific actions that cities and counties can take to transform their community to be “EV-ready,” which can set the stage for increased EVs and infrastructure development.

Great Plains Institute –

This compilation of examples and best practices is a valuable tool for advocates and lawmakers who wish to help their communities become more welcoming for electric vehicle drivers by encouraging more EV charging infrastructure.

Hooray for Howard County for leading the way on EV-friendly zoning ordinances.

Download a PDF copy of the full “Summary of Best Practices in Electric Vehicle Ordinances” at this link.

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