Hancock, Maryland Fast Chargers – CCS & CHAdeMO

Hancock, MD Fast Charging
Located at the Western Maryland Rail Trail Parking Lot.

A new set of DC fast chargers in Hancock, Maryland has moved the western frontier for CHAdeMO and CCS charging in Maryland about 25 miles past Hagerstown.

EV drivers in the region have been eager to have CCS and CHAdeMO options in western Maryland ever since it was first proposed over five years ago.

In April 2014, Maryland announced a $1 million plan to fund the placement of DC fast chargers throughout the entire state including Garrett County. However, when the first grant awards were announced, there weren’t any charging sites on the map past Hagerstown.

Westward Expansion

Western Maryland Fast Charger map

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) administers the grants in what is now called the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP). In fiscal year 2018, AFIP funding was awarded for two fast chargers in the Western Maryland Rail Trail Parking Lot in the town of Hancock.

Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf drivers would still love to see CCS and CHAdeMO chargers farther west such as in Cumberland, MD or near Deep Creek Lake but that isn’t likely to happen before spring or summer 2020. We will keep an eye out for them.