Front Royal, Virginia Getting a DC Fast Charger


DC Fast Charger w/ SAE Combo at Visitors Center

A DC Fast Charger for CHAdeMO and SAE Combo equipped cars is being installed in downtown Front Royal, Virginia. A concrete pad and signs for two parking spaces to be reserved for EV charging are already in place in the parking lot of the Front Royal Visitors Center at 415 E. Main Street.

Equipment Donated by Nissan North America

The Town Council approved a plan at their August 24, 2015 General Meeting to accept a donation of an electric vehicle fast charger from the Nissan North America EV Advantage Program. The value of the equipment and services being provided by Nissan is $38,000. The Town of Front Royal will pay for the installation costs and pay $600.00 to cover four years of Greenlots software and support services. The town must also commit to keeping the charging equipment in place, maintained and accessible to the general public at all times for at least five years.

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Program Participation Includes Reliability Requirement

A clause in the agreement with the Town of Front Royal that was published in the council agenda states that the DCFC “shall suffer no more than forty-eight (48) hours of inoperability in any calendar month nor more than eight hours of inoperability in each of more than two out of four consecutive months.”


The Town has yet to determine the fee that they will asses to use the electric car charging station. Follow @PlugInSites for updates.