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Maryland General Assembly Session has ended for 2021.

NYZEV by 2035S2758Enacted10/08/2021Provides that one hundred percent of in-state sales of new passenger cars and trucks shall be zero-emissions by 2035
WAPayment & Interop.SB5192Enacted5/10/2021EV charging station payment rules and interoperability standards.
OREV Charging in ParksHB2290Enacted5/12/2021EV charging stations in parking spaces at state parks.
OKEV Charging TaxHB2234Enacted4/22/2021Imposes a tax of 3 cents per kWh on the electric
current used to charge electric vehicles.
MDResidential ConstructionHB0784Enacted5/30/2021Requiring a builder of new housing to provide buyer with the option to include EV charging.
MDZEV Bus TransitionSB0137Enacted5/30/2021Prohibiting, beginning in fiscal year 2023, the Maryland Transit Administration from purchasing buses for the Administration's State transit bus fleet that are not zero-emission buses
MDEV Tax CreditHB0044Enacted5/30/2021Excise tax credit for electric vehicle purchases. (Amended to strike EV tax credit and only apply to backlog of previous EV purchases on the waitlist.)
MDClimate CounselHB0030Enacted5/30/2021Establish the Office of Climate Counsel in the Maryland Public Service Commission and include the Climate Counsel on ZEEVIC.
MDHOA/Condo ChargingHB0110
Enacted5/30/2021Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment for Multifamily Units Act (Right-to-Charge)
HB0250Enacted5/30/2021Altering the mileage at which certain zero-emission Class F (tractor) vehicles are required to have the vehicle inspected.
MDZEV Bus TransitionHB0334
Put into
2/12/2021Prohibiting, beginning in fiscal year 2023, the Maryland Transit Administration from purchasing buses for the Administration's State transit bus fleet that are not zero-emission buses
MDAnti-ICEingHB0480❌ Died4/12/2021Prohibiting a person from parking a vehicle that is not connected to charging equipment in a space that is designated for charging plug-in electric vehicles.
MDEV School BusHB0832❌ Died3/30/2021Establishing the electric school bus pilot program
MDZEV State FleetHB0592❌ Died4/12/2021Prohibiting, beginning in fiscal year 2023, a State unit from entering into a contract to purchase or lease a vehicle for the State vehicle fleet that is not a zero-emission electric vehicle.
MDEV Charging ReimburseHB1098❌ Died3/26/2021Requiring State and local elected officials who use a State-owned EV charging station to charge a personal EV to reimburse the State for the electricity used.
MDAnti-ICEingSB0315❌ Died1/27/2021Prohibiting stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle that is not a plug-in electric vehicle in a parking space that is designated for the use of plug-in electric vehicles.
MDTax Credit FundingSB0152❌ Died1/19/2021Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Fund – Use of Funds and Electric Vehicle Excise Tax Credits
PAEV ReadyHB0481
Active2/9/2021Requiring new nonresidential buildings to provide electrical service capacity for electric vehicles.
DEEV Charging FeesSB21✅ To Governor9/13/2021Permits State agencies to charge a fee for public or employee use of EV charging equipment installed by the agency so long as the fees do not exceed the agency’s costs.
NCAnti-ICEingHB296✅ House
4/01/2021An act to regulate parking in an electric vehicle charging station.
NCEV Tax CreditSB592Active4/7/2021Creating a $3,000 income tax credit for purchasers of a new plug-in electric vehicle.
PAZEV Tax CreditHB0524
Active2/11/2021Exclusions from Tax. The sale at retail or use of a zero-emission vehicle.
PAZEV Toll DiscountsHB0525
Active2/11/202110% discount on electronic toll collection.
3/10/2021Establishing a penalty for any vehicle that is not a plug-in hybrid vehicle or plug-in electric vehicle for utilizing a parking space that is designated for charging an electric vehicle.
WVRepeal EV FeeSB0094Adjourned4/10/2021Repealing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles
WVRepeal EV FeeHB2223Adjourned4/10/2021Repealing section of code authorizing additional registration fees for alternative fuel vehicles
WVRepeal Hybrid FeeHB2075Adjourned4/10/2021Removing the registration fee for a vehicle operating on a combination of electricity and petrochemical fuels
NJEV Ready RedevelopmentA1653✅ Passed6/3/2021Encourages development of zero-emission vehicle fueling and charging infrastructure in redevelopment projects.
NJEV ReadyS3223✅ Passed6/3/2021Establishes numerical requirements and zoning standards for installation of electric vehicle supply equipment and Make-Ready parking spaces.
NJEV Charging PriceA2360✅ Assy
6/3/2021Requires electric public utility to charge residential rate for service used by residential customer for electric vehicle charging at charging stations within certain designated parking spaces.
NJEV Charging PricingA5303Active1/27/2021Prohibits timed-use and per-charge pricing, and excessive price increases, in sale of plug-in electric vehicle charging services.
NYAV Task ForceS03909✅ Senate
in Assy
5/10/2021Relates to establishing the New York task force on automated vehicle technology.
NYEV ReadyS00023✅ Senate
in Assy
5/10/2021Requires the construction of certain parking facilities to be capable of supporting electric vehicle charging stations
NYEV Charging TariffS03929✅ Passed4/26/2021Establishes an electric vehicle charging commercial tariff
NYZEVS04097✅ Senate
in Assy
6/09/2021Directs the commissioner of the department of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations establishing targets for the sales of zero emissions medium and heavy duty vehicles.
NYDirect SalesS1763
Active3/20/2021Certificates of registration for entities that manufacture or assemble ZEVs and have no franchised motor vehicle dealers in New York
NYClean Car StandardA862
Active3/08/2021Establishes the low carbon fuel standard of 2021.
NYFee ExemptionS05087Active2/23/2021Exempts new clean fuel vehicles and vehicles that meet the clean vehicle standards from first year of registration fees.
NYSales Tax ExemptionS04476Active2/5/2021Provides an exemption for the sale of the first $35,000 of a battery, electric, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from state sales and compensating use taxes
NYEV ReadyA00346Active1/6/2021Requires certain state owned and operated parking garages, open parking lots and other parking facilities to install and maintain charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles.
NYEV ReadyA03179Active1/22/2021Requires electric vehicle charging stations and electric vehicle capable parking spaces
NYEV ReadyA3435Active1/26/2021EV infrastructure at all new residential and commercial construction that has dedicated off-street parking.
NYEV ReadyS0370Active1/25/2021Requires state owned and operated parking facilities to install EV charging stations.
MAICEing FineH.3499Active3/29/2021subject to a fine of $100 for a first offense and $200 for a second or subsequent offense.
MAICEing FineH3502Active3/29/2021subject to a fine of $100 for a first offense and $200 for a second or subsequent offense.
MAHOA/Condo ChargingH3425Active3/29/2021Right-to-Charge
CTEV Direct SalesSB0127Active4/13/2021To permit electric vehicle manufacturers to sell electric vehicles directly to the consumer.
CTEV ReadyHB5640Active1/27/2021To provide prewiring for solar power and electric vehicle charging stations for all new residential construction.
RIEV Ready & ICEing FineSB0173❌ Died6/29/2021Installation of EV charging stations - Designated parking spaces.
ILEV ReadyHB5640Active3/27/2021EV ready at new or renovated residential or nonresidential buildings.
INTask ForceHB1220Enacted4/26/2021Reestablishes the 21st century energy policy development task force.
INEV Charging PilotHB1385❌ Died1/14/2021Authorizes an electric utility to request approval from the IURC to implement a pilot program to operate EV charging infrastructure.
OHEV Charging GrantSB0032Active2/22/2021Establish electric vehicle charging station grant rebate program.
HIEV Charging EnforcementSB0756
Active3/25/2021Authorizes the establishment of penalties for failure to make reasonable efforts to maintain EV charging stations in working order. Clarifies that certain enforcement officers may enter private property to enforce EV parking space violations.
MNEV Charging
SF 602Active3/01/2021Electric fuel distributed by a utility through an electric vehicle charging station at a public or private parking space tax imposition.
NVEV Charging
SB 191❌ Died4/10/2021Imposing a surcharge on the sale of electric service to charge the battery of an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.
MSEV Charging
Tax & Grants
HB1441❌ Died3/19/2021To impose a fee on motor vehicles charged at qualified alternative-fuel fueling stations in this state.
VAClean Car
HB1965Enacted2/19/2021State Air Pollution Control Board; low-emissions and zero-emissions vehicle program
SB1223Enacted2/19/2021Analysis of EV charging infrastructure needed to support the 2045 net-zero carbon target in the transportation sector.
VAVehicle Wt. LimitsHB1850Enacted2/18/2021Passed House (98-0). Motor vehicle weight limits; vehicles powered primarily by electric battery power.
VASCC-ReportHB2282Enacted2/18/2021Directs the State Corporation Commission to report on policy proposals to accelerate transportation electrification.
VAEV Tax CreditHB1979Enacted2/27/2021Electric vehicle rebate program; creation and funding; report.
VAEV Grant FundHB2118Enacted2/28/2021Electric Vehicle Grant Fund and Program; creation; report.
VAEV School BusSB1380❌ Failed2/28/2021Electric utilities; electric school bus projects.

New York info provided by Long Island EVs

Maryland General Assembly Session Ends April 12, 2021

The 2021 Legislative Sessions in Maryland began on January 13th and will adjourn Sine Die at 11:59 PM on Monday April 12th. Any bills that have not passed both chambers by then will die and have to be reintroduced and start the process all over again next January in the 2022 session.

Right-to-Charge Bill Passed

A Maryland “Right-to-Charge bill to make it easier for residents of multi-family housing to install EV charging equipment in their designated parking space passed this session. I had taken a particular interest in this legislation about five years ago and I testified in front of the House Environment and Transportation Committee and the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in support of the bill. Delegate Marc Korman had pre-filed the 2021 Right-to-Charge bill (HB 110) which gave it an early hearing. I had asked my Senator, Guy Guzzone, to sponsor the Right-to-Charge bill in the Senate and he presented SB 144 before the Judicial Proceedings Committee. The Governor needs to approve the bill and then it will become effective October 1, 2021.

Maryland General Assembly Virtual Operations

In order to adhere to public health guidelines due to COVID-19, Speaker Adrienne Jones says that Maryland House Committees will operate virtually in 2021. The MGA website will allow the public to upload written testimony. Members of the public will be able to sign up the day before to be heard on a particular bill during the virtual committee meetings. All House committee and subcommittee meetings and all voting sessions will be livestreamed through the MGA website.

According to the Maryland Senate 2021 Session Operations Plan, the Senate will operate based on one of three stages depending on the level of disease activity. Members of the public will be allowed to testify at committee hearings via Zoom. Senate Committee bill hearings will have limits on the number of witnesses by default (4 Favorable, 2 FWA & 4 Unfavorable) with the Chairs having discretion to increase the number of witnesses on select bills. All witnesses except for the “lead proponent” will have 2.5 minutes to testify. The lead proponent, selected by the bill’s sponsor, will have up to five minutes to testify. The lead proponent and two other Favorable witnesses will be chosen by the bill’s sponsor. The remaining Favorable witness slot will be opened to the public for a randomly-selected witness. If the sponsor doesn’t notify the Committee of Favorable witnesses of their choosing within 48 hours of witness signup opening, the slots will then be available to the public to be selected at random. Full details on the MGA Senate Operations Plan: PDF.

MACo Cheatsheet for Submitting Testimony in the 2021 Maryland General Assembly.

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EV-related legislation include electric vehicle tax credits, incentives for charging equipment, Plug-in vehicle parking spaces and bills to permit the installation of charging equipment at multi-unit housing. Keeping track of these legislative efforts is difficult so PlugInSites has been identifying, sharing and updating the progress of Maryland EV legislation since 2015. For 2021, we are tracking all EV related bills in Maryland and Virginia. We may follow a few important bills from other states as well. Revisit this page for daily updates as new legislation is introduced and moves through the legislative process.

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