DC Fast Chargers Coming to Pike and Rose Garage

photo by "An Appreciative Reader"
photos contributed by “An Appreciative Reader”

DC Fast Chargers are under construction in the Pike and Rose Garage in North Bethesda, Maryland.

These photos were sent in by “An Appreciative Reader” who spotted the installation going in where the SemaConnect Level 2 charging stations used to be in the garage. There are also Tesla Superchargers up on the 6th floor. It’s hard to tell which charging network these will be on. These chargers are a brand name that we haven’t seen yet, Delta.

photo by "An Appreciative Reader"

There is an EVgo charging station across the street from the garage that’s been around a while. No indication that these will be a replacement for those or if these are for Pepco’s utility-operated network or something else altogether.

Thanks to “An Appreciative Reader” for sharing these photos with the PlugInSites community.