Power Restored to Newark Supercharger Station


The Tesla Supercharger station at Newark, Delaware has reopened after a temporary closure that lasted more than 84 hours. The local utility company, Delmarva Power, restored service early Sunday morning.

The outage caused frustration for some Tesla drivers who arrived at the Newark Superchargers unaware that the station was down and needing to charge. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said in a 2013 conference call to reporters that Supercharger stations would have solar panels and battery packs to provide power even if the national grid went down. Musk added, that they’d work “even if there’s a zombie apocalypse.”

A temporary Supercharger that’s been in Bethesda, Maryland since January, 2014 is scheduled to be decommissioned on June 30. A new Supercharger is under construction in Laurel, Maryland about 80 miles south of Newark. Much of the equipment has been installed in Laurel but the utility transformer hasn’t arrived yet.

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Bethesda Supercharger Countdown Clock

Bethesda Supercharger Closes Down in

at midnight on June 30, 2016 when it is scheduled to be decommissioned.


The Temporary Supercharger at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda opened in January, 2014. A new Supercharger is under construction at the Towne Centre at Laurel.

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Newark Supercharger Temporary Closure – I-95 CHAdeMO Fast Charging Options


The Supercharger Station at the Delaware Welcome Center in Newark, DE is temporarily closed.

UPDATE: The Newark Supercharger station is now OPEN.

Tesla Customer Service said that it has been down since Wednesday morning. They have no estimate on when it will be back up. When asked for an alternative charging location, they suggested the  J-1772 charging stations at the Welcome Center by the truck parking area. But only one of those two Level 2 stations is working right now.

For any Tesla drivers traveling on I-95 who have a CHAdeMO adapter, be advised that there are CHAdeMO Fast Chargers at the following places in Maryland. Most of these are on the ChargePoint Network and the fee for them is 0.29 per kWh, $3.50 minimum. Check the ChargePoint dashboard to see if any stations are in use.


Click map for location details of CHAdeMO Fast Chargers on I-95 in Maryland.

  • North East – Royal Farms, 500 Mechanics Valley Rd, North East, MD 21901
  • Joppa – Royal Farms, 2620 Mountain Rd, Joppa, MD 21085
  • White Marsh – Royal Farms (2 chargers), 10740 Pulaski Hwy, White Marsh, MD 21162
  • Baltimore – Royal Farms, 6201 Pulaski Hwy, Baltimore, MD 21205
  • Baltimore – Best Western Conf. Center, 5625 O Donnell Street, Baltimore, MD 21224
  • Arbutus – Royal Farms, 3505 Washington Blvd, Arbutus, MD 21227
  • Glen Burnie – Royal Farms, 930 Cromwell Park Dr, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

All of these are on the ChargePoint Network except the Baltimore Best Western which is on Greenlots.


Good luck!

Conference to Explore Role of Maryland Utilities in EV Deployment


The Public Service Commission of Maryland has announced a Public Conference to explore regulatory issues related to the deployment of electric vehicles in the state.

The public conference is scheduled for July 14, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM in Baltimore. The PSC plans to provide a live stream of the panels.

Three panels are currently scheduled:

1) Utility Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

This panel will discuss the potential for utility involvement in deploying EV charging infrastructure in Maryland.

2) The Grid-Related Costs Associated with Vehicle Fleet Electrification

This will address strategies, such as time-of-use tariffs to minimize grid-related costs associated with EV deployment.

3) Energy Justice Spotlight: Access to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Charging Incentives in Limited-Income and Other Under-Served Communities

Panelists will discuss potential energy justice issues and identify potential methods to address them through coordinated EV deployment strategies in the State.

Download a PDF of the notice here.

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West Virginia Parks To Get EV Charging Stations


Wild Wonderful West Virginia
We love driving the Tesla out to the mountains of West Virginia. The winding mountain roads are loads of fun to drive in an electric car. It is a paradise for one-foot driving pleasure. Press the accelerator for instant torque to go up the mountain. Let off the pedal to slow down entering the next curve or to let the EV regenerative braking control a long descent.

The only down side to taking an EV when visiting the home of the Mountaineers is the lack of charging stations in much of the state. Tesla is planning to install three or four Superchargers according to the map of future locations on the Tesla website. But to attract and accommodate visitors with any kind of electric vehicle, West Virginia State Parks is planning to install EV charging stations for overnight guests.

“There are not a lot of other states that have this many interstate systems running through it,” said Paul Redford, district administrator for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation. “We are sitting in an area perfect for more electric car stations.”

West Virginia State Parks plans to install one Schneider Level 2 (240V, 30A) charging station at each of the State Park’s lodges. The funding came from a WV Division of Energy grant and it will be free to use the stations. The parks with lodges include Blackwater Falls, Cacapon, Chief Logan, Hawks Nest, North Bend, Pipestem, Stonewall Jackson, Twin Falls and Tygart Lake. The units should be operational by the end of September, 2016.

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Tip: Beware of Buggy Charging Stations


Look for Bugs Before Plugging In

Is there a spider weaving a nest inside the EV charging connector that you’re about to plug in to your car? Or maybe a little grasshopper is seeking shelter between the pins of the J-1772 assembly.

Now that summer is here and insects are out, take a quick glance inside the connector of any public charging station before you push it onto the receptacle on your car. You don’t want any big insects to get mashed inside your car’s charging inlet port.

Check the Gasket

In addition to bugs and spider nests, check for other dirt or debris and make sure the gasket inside (the green ring in the photo above) is not coming loose.

Hope this tip is helpful. Charge on!

Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square, PA – Destination Charging

photo courtesy of Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square

photo courtesy of Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square

When Hilton Worldwide announced plans for an electric vehicle charging program in partnership with Tesla and GE, Tyler Misko, General Manager of Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square, took notice. Tyler realized that no other hotel in the area had EV charging stations and he wanted to be the first to offer the amenity to guests.

The Hilton Garden Inn, located just off of Route 1 in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, has two Tesla Wall Connectors for charging Model S or Model X cars and a GE charging station with a universal J-1772 connector that can charge any production electric vehicle.

Kennett Square is in the heart of the picturesque Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania and is a destination for tourists visiting Longwood Gardens which is less than one mile from the hotel. The quaint town is known as the Mushroom Capital of the World. Mushroom farms in the area produce over a million pounds of mushrooms a week and an annual Mushroom Festival is held the weekend after Labor Day.

Hilton Garden Inn Kennett Square map link
815 E Baltimore Pike, Kennett Square, PA 19348
(610) 444-9100

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Signs in Ocean City Warn of $30 Penalty for Not Plugging In


photo by: Chrgit – used with permission

Signs have been posted at public charging stations in Ocean City, Maryland that read, “ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING ONLY, PARKING WHILE NOT CONNECTED TO CHARGING EQUIPMENT IS A PARKING INFRACTION, $30.00 PENALTY.”

Ocean City is apparently using an existing local ordinance rather than passing a specific anti-ICEing law to regulate and enforce parking at EV charging stations at city-owned parking facilities. Town ordinance 90-137d4 prohibits parking where prohibited by an official sign. That offense carries a maximum $30 fine.

Sec. 90-137. – Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in certain places; other parking restrictions.
(d) Parking. A person may not:
(4) Park a vehicle at any other place where parking is prohibited by an official sign.

The signs also prohibit electric vehicles from parking and not plugging in. The charging stations where the signs are posted are on city property and there is no fee to use them at this time.

Thanks to Chrgit for the tip and photo.

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DuCard Vineyard Destination Charging – Etlan, Virginia


You can’t avoid the enthusiasm for electric car charging at DuCard Vineyards. Drive past the main parking area, cross the bridge over the little stream and pull your EV up to the red barn with the solar roof. A simple monochrome sign announces the “DuCard Vineyard Refueling Station.” Arrows direct visitors to three methods of recharging that the winery dispenses. “TESLA” points to the 80 Amp Wall Connector for Model S and X drivers, “Other Electric” points to the 30 Amp J-1772 unit around the corner and once you’ve plugged in, follow the “People” refueling station arrow to their tasting room with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains on the edge of Shenandoah National Park.


DuCard was named Virginia’s greenest winery when it opened. They were the first in Virginia to have solar, they used reclaimed lumber when constructing the buildings, minimize the use of plastic in their operation and serve only locally produced food in their tasting room.


DuCard is participating in the Tesla Destination Charging program. Guests can recharge their electric vehicle while they enjoy wine tasting, music and other events at the winery. Calendar


On a recent visit, we arrived in three Tesla Model S cars. They were happy to see us and people came out with cameras to document our visit. DuCard is located near Etlan, VA, about 80 miles from Washington, DC. It is a nice scenic drive to get there and the patio next to a stream is a nice place to relax while getting a boost of electrons to return home.

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Delaware DC Fast Chargers Coming to Eight Locations

PlugInSites EV Fast Charger Delaware Map

Click map for location details of proposed Delaware Fast Charger locations. (subject to change)

Delaware Governor Jack Markell joined DNREC Secretary David Small in a ceremony this week to announce the recipients of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Grants, which will help fund alternative fuel infrastructure across the state.

Funding for 15 DC Fast Chargers in Delaware

The grants are part of Delaware’s Clean Transportation Incentive Program, funded through Delaware’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade program. Totaling more than $1 million, the grants announced this week include awards to install DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles as well as CNG and propane fueling stations. The EV infrastructure grants range from $8,846 to $349,902, depending on the scope and technology needs of each project and will be applied toward 15 chargers at eight locations.

The grant recipients for DC Fast Charging Stations are:

The Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation – $55,962, to install two D.C. Fast Charging Stations at Blue Ball Barn in Wilmington and Indian River Marina.

Royal Farms – $349,902, to install 10 D.C. Fast Charging Stations at five Delaware stores in Smyrna, Dover, Milford, Georgetown and Laurel.

The University of Delaware – $8,846, to install three Level 3 Charging Stations on the University of Delaware Campus, including one public charging station.

Delaware “Fueling the Future”

“Delaware has been a leader in reducing emissions while still remaining dedicated to economic growth as well as promoting the health of our residents and our environment,” said Governor Markell. “Through our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Delaware Clean Transportation Incentive Program, we’ve been able to secure funding that helps us reduce our environmental footprint and combat climate change by promoting the use of alternative fuels and supporting alternative fuel infrastructure throughout the state.”

Clean Transportation Initiatives, Rebates and Funding in Delaware

For more information on clean transportation initiatives, rebates and funding opportunities offered through the Division of Energy & Climate, please visit Delaware Clean Transportation Incentive Program, or call DNREC’s Division of Energy and Climate at 302-735-3480.

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