Maryland Legislature Electric Vehicle Bill Tracker 2017

The Maryland General Assembly, 2017 Session is considering a number of bills related to electric vehicles and charging stations including a state-wide anti-ICEing law, extending the tax credits for plug-in vehicles and charging equipment and installation of charging equipment at condominium or homeowners associations.

Click the links on the bill numbers on this page to see the official info on the General Assembly of Maryland website.

UPDATED 02/24/17 8:00 AM
HB 36 – Vehicle Laws – Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicles – Reserved Parking Spaces
Status: Hearing 1/26 at 2:00 p.m. Environment and Transportation. hearing video
SB 302 – cross-filed with HB 36
Status: Unfavorable Report by Judicial Proceedings. hearing video
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Black Ankle Vineyards With Six EV Charging Stations

Black Ankle Vineyards has installed six electric vehicle charging stations at their tasting room near Mt. Airy, Maryland. This is one of the biggest Tesla destination charging locations in the mid-Atlantic region and perhaps the “highest-powered” vineyard with EV charging in the area.

The tasting room is located in a building made with straw bale construction and has solar panels on the roof. There is plenty of outdoor seating for those who want to bring a picnic in the warmer months. The day we visited in February, there were several indoor fireplaces going that gave the place a warm, cozy feeling.

The six charging stations are located separate from the main parking area and consist of three 80 Amp Tesla connectors and three 32 Amp ClipperCreek J-1772 stations.

Black Ankle Vineyards is located at 14463 Black Ankle Rd, Mount Airy, MD and is open Fridays from 12:00 pm until 8:30 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Tesla Supercharger Status Reporting in Real Time

Tesla just made available real-time Supercharger status reporting to the Navigation screen. This update just showed up and it does not require a software update.

Now when traveling in a Tesla Model S or Model X, you can look and see how many stalls are available and choose to skip to the next Supercharging station if possible.

Thanks to @andrewket for the tip!


Maryland Senate Committee Hearing on Charging Stations at HOAs & Condos – SB301

Click to view video of testimony. SB301 starts at 1 hr, 15 min.

A hearing was held on SB301, Real Property – Installation and Use of Electric Vehicle Recharging Equipment, in the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on Feb. 7, 2017.

Video recording of the testimony on SB301 starts at 1:15 and runs for about 33 minutes.

SB301 Analysis: Fiscal and Policy Note: PDF

West Virginia EV Charging – Cacapon Resort State Park

Photo credit: West Virginia Department of Commerce, used with permission.

Now you can charge your electric car when you stay overnight at several West Virginia State Park lodges.

Cacapon Resort, located about 100 miles from Washington, DC, is one of three West Virginia State Parks to install EV charging stations for overnight guests. Pipestem and Twin Falls also have EV charging.

Cacapon has two 30-Amp, Level 2, J-1772 charging ports made by Schneider Electric that are located in the main parking area of the lodge.
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SB301 – Maryland Bill to Ease Charging at Condos & HOAs

There are a number of bills that have already been introduced in the 2017 session of the Maryland General Assembly that will affect electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Senate Bill (SB) 301 would lift restrictions against installing electric vehicle charging equipment at condominium or homeowners associations and establish requirements and procedures for owners and the governing bodies of condos or HOAs to handle a request to install EV charging equipment.

This bill is based on California Assembly Bill (AB) 2565 which gives multi-unit housing tenants the right to install a charging station at their residence as long as the tenant pays for the costs of installation, maintenance, electricity and subsequent removal upon moving. Many people in Maryland live in multi-unit housing. The issue that this bill attempts to address is important to solve to achieve the full potential of electric vehicle adoption in Maryland.
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Anti-ICEing Bill Proposed in Maryland – 2017 HB 36

Maryland State Delegate Clarence Lam has introduced a bill to penalize “ICEing” if a charging station has a specific sign and the space is marked with green paint. The bill, HB 36, [PDF link] is the fifth attempt at “anti-ICEing” legislation in the Maryland General Assembly.

The language of HB 36 is identical to HB 839 that passed the House in the 2016 Session but didn’t have time to make it through the Senate. This time, the bill will have a much earlier start and should be able to easily pass the House again, as long as there are no significant changes to the bill. The hope is that there will be more time to also get it passed in the Senate in 2017.

Example of signage required to be posted for proposed anti-ICEing law to be enforceable.

Legislation Won’t Be A Cure-All

If the Maryland anti-ICEing bill becomes law, will all charging spots therefore be enforceable? Unfortunately, no. The majority of charging stations in Maryland do not have signs that conform to the state and federal parking sign standards specified in HB 36 and/or don’t have green pavement markings. Each charging station operator or site host must take the initiative to post the official signs that include stating the maximum fine of $100 and they must also apply and maintain green pavement markings in order to comply with the bill’s enforcement provisions.
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Plug-In Vehicle Excise Tax Credit Extension Proposed in Maryland Clean Cars Act of 2017

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced his plan to introduce the Clean Cars Act of 2017. The Governor’s proposed legislation will increase the investment in the Electric Vehicle Excise Tax Credit program by over 30 percent and double the funds available for the Charging Station Rebate program.

In addition to increasing the state’s investment, other changes have been proposed in an effort to avoid running out of funds before the end of the incentive program’s time period. The previous Excise Tax Credit for Plug-in Electric Vehicles was due to end on June 30, 2017, however, funds were depleted by September, 2016.

Under the proposed Clean Cars Act of 2017:

  • $2.4 million will be allocated for Excise Tax Credit for Plug-in Electric Vehicles
  • $1.2 million for Income Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE)
  • $100 credit per kilowatt hour (kWh) of capacity, down from $125
  • $60,000 vehicle sales price cap to be eligible for the Excise Tax Credit
  • Retroactive to vehicle purchases since the previous program expired

The final details are up to the legislature and are subject to change.

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Maryland Anti-ICEing Law Proposed for 2017

An “anti-ICEing” law is being proposed for the 2017 session of the Maryland General Assembly. The bill, HB 36 [PDF link], has been pre-filed by Delegate Clarence Lam who represents District 12 with parts of Howard and Baltimore Counties. The bill has 12 additional co-sponsors.

This bill is very similar to HB 839 that passed the House in the 2016 session but died in the Senate. This will be the fifth attempt at “anti-ICEing” legislation in Maryland.

The bill, as introduced, will require “green pavement markings” in addition to a sign that meets applicable requirements in order to be enforceable.

Sign and Green Pavement Markings Specified

A sign designating a plug–in electric drive vehicle charging space shall:
(1) Be at least 18 inches high and 12 inches wide;
(2) Be clearly visible to the driver of a motor vehicle
entering the plug–in electric drive vehicle charging space;
(3) State the maximum fine that may be incurred for a violation; and
(4) Meet any applicable state and federal requirements for parking signs.
(D) A plug–in electric drive vehicle charging space shall be indicated by green pavement markings.

Towing Provision Included

(1) A privately owned parking facility may have a vehicle that is stopped, standing, or parked in violation of this section towed or removed in accordance with subtitle 10A of this title.
(2) (I) A parking facility owned by a local jurisdiction may have a vehicle that is stopped, standing, or parked in violation of this section ticketed, towed, or removed if authorized by local law.

$100 Fine for ICEing

A person who violates this section is subject to a civil penalty of $100.

List of Sponsors

Primary Sponsor: Clarence Lam, Co-Sponsors: Tawanna Gaines, Carol Krimm, Karen Young, Terri Hill, Stephen Lafferty, Frank Turner, David Fraser-Hidalgo, Jimmy Tarlau, Eric Ebersole, Shane Robinson, Eric Luedtke and Barrie Ciliberti.

More Details Soon

Stay tuned to @PlugInSites, we expect to report additional details including a hearing date shortly.

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