Supercharger Planned for Tysons, Virginia

Tesla Supercharger Plans Tysons, VA

Tesla plans to build a Supercharging Station at Tysons Corner Center according to documents submitted to Fairfax County, Virginia and obtained by PlugInSites through a Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Plans show ten charging stalls located on the west side of Garage B on Level 1. The garage is near Bloomingdale’s at the corner of Rt. 7/Leesburg Pike and International Drive.

Tysons Supercharger Site Plan

The site drawings show that the installation will have the new 72 kW “urban” style Superchargers. Tysons may be the first in the Washington, DC area with these, more compact, charging posts. The urban Superchargers were introduced in September, 2017 and are designed to occupy less space and be easier to install, especially in city parking garages. Read More …

Indian River Marina at Delaware Seashore State Park

Indian River Marina EV Charging station © PluInSites

The Indian River Marina at Delaware Seashore State Park now has a SemaConnect EV charging station for public use. The marina is located off of Route 1 between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach and is within walking distance to swimming and sunbathing at the ocean. The park boasts of six miles of ocean and bay shoreline.

Visitors to the marina can grab a bite to eat at Hammerheads Dockside restaurant. In addition to boating, the area is popular for hiking and bird watching. If you are looking to stay longer, you can rent a cottage at Indian River Inlet.

Delaware was early to add a statewide network of EV charging stations under the Charging Up Delaware program in 2015 under a partnership between the University of Delaware and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). In 2016, the Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation was approved for a grant to install two D.C. Fast Charging Stations at Blue Ball Barn in Wilmington and Indian River Marina. Neither of those fast chargers have been installed. Perhaps plans changed and this Level 2 was located here instead.

The charging station is free to use and does not require a card as of June, 2018.

Annapolis, Maryland Supercharger Under Construction

Annapolis Tesla Supercharger
Construction has begun on a Tesla Supercharging Station in the parking garage at 217 Harker Place at Annapolis Towne Centre. There appear to be eight diagonal pull-in stalls going in at the NW corner on the ground second floor.

A Tesla Supercharger in Annapolis has been talked about for years. Several locations have been rumored or speculated during that time including the Annapolis Towne Centre which is managed by the same company that has the Towne Centre at Laurel where the Laurel Supercharger opened in 2016.

The Tesla “Find Us” webpage says that the Annapolis Supercharger is targeted to open this summer. Tesla has also identified Baltimore as targeted for a Supercharger this summer. Stay tuned. Read More …

Tesla Superchargers Planned for DC Area – Update May, 2018

Tesla Supercharger Map
Tesla “Find Us” Supercharger map as of 05/26/2018

Tesla has updated the Supercharger map on their “Find Us” page to include additional planned locations that are expected to be built through the end of 2019.

Here are the sites planned for the Washington, DC area. Annapolis and Baltimore are targeted to open this summer in addition to a Springfield, VA Supercharger that is currently under construction at the Springfield Mall. Tesla says that exact timing and specific locations may vary. Tesla Find Us Map Link.

Target opening in Summer 2018
Annapolis, MD (under construction May 27, 2018)
Baltimore, MD
Springfield, VA (open June 23, 2018)

Target opening by end of 2018
Beltsville, MD
Bethesda, MD
Elkridge, MD
Frederick, MD
Greenbelt, MD
Halethorpe, MD
Arlington, VA
Fairfax, VA
Gainesville, VA
Tysons, VA (permit June 28, 2018)
Washington, DC
Columbia Heights, DC
Washington NE, DC
Washington SE, DC

Target opening by end of 2019
Hanover, MD
Ocean City, MD
Rossville, MD
Leesburg, VA

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Six-Stall DC Fast Charger Sites Coming to Maryland

6-stall DCFC Silver Spring
CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Charging Station in North Silver Spring, Maryland

Outside of a few places in California, it’s rare to find more than two DC Fast Chargers together at a single location. Tesla has hundreds of Supercharger sites with as many as 40 charging stalls. Maryland House and Chesapeake House Travel Plazas on I-95 have four CCS/CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers each.

But now, two sites in Maryland are under construction with six dual-port CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Chargers lined up in a row similar to what you would see at a Tesla Supercharging station. One is being built in a hotel parking lot near Columbia Pike and Cherry Hill Rd. in Silver Spring, about 3 miles west of I-95.

The other six-stall fast charging location is at Nottingham Commons in White Marsh, about 2 miles east of the White Marsh Blvd. Exit on I-95. Read More …

Plug-In Hybrids Prohibited at Beverly Hills Charging Stations

Beverly Hills
The City of Beverly Hills, California has updated their Electric Vehicle Charging Policy which they say will encourage more efficient use of the City’s 35 public EV charging stations.

The new policy takes effect on April 2, 2018 and is said to help prepare for increasing demand for the City’s EV charging infrastructure and to encourage more efficient use of the 35 publicly available EV charging stations at City facilities. The 35 stations at 15 locations include a total of 59 Level 2 connectors.

Beverly Hills’ EV charging stations are reserved exclusively for battery-only electric vehicles that are connected and actively charging under the new policy. All other vehicles including plug-in hybrids, gas-only vehicles and any BEV not actively charging may be penalized by a fine and/or towed at the owner’s expense.
Read More …

Court Rules in Favor of SemaConnect in EV Charging Patent Case

SemaConnect HQ Bowie

ChargePoint Patent Claims Ruled Invalid – Judge Dismisses Complaint

Judge Marvin J. Garbis, of the U. S. District Court in Baltimore dismissed a lawsuit brought by ChargePoint, Inc. of Campbell, CA against SemaConnect, Inc. of Bowie, MD.

ChargePoint had alleged infringement of four patents held by the company in the area of networked electric vehicle charging in a lawsuit filed in Baltimore on December 15, 2017.

SemaConnect defended themselves against the suit by filing a motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim arguing that the patents asserted by ChargePoint were invalid under 35 U.S.C. § 101 as established by the Supreme Court’s decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International in which patents were ruled as invalid because the claims were drawn to an abstract idea, and the method of implementing those claims was not enough to transform the abstract idea into a patent-eligible invention.

SemaConnect & ChargePoint Competed for Electrify America Contract

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Electric Road Trip Across Maryland – Emmy Winning Program

electric road trip sign
Electric car owners Jonathan Slade and Novia Campbell drove from the mountains of western Maryland to the boardwalk at Ocean City in an all-electric Nissan Leaf in the summer of 2012 when there was very little EV charging infrastructure. The Emmy award winning PBS program they produced about their journey is now available to view on YouTube.

One of the goals of the documentary was to show the viability of an electric vehicle for everyday use. If they could drive an all-electric car from Oakland, Maryland all the way to Ocean City, then perhaps viewers would realize that an electric car could serve their commute and daily errands. Read More …

Howard County Library Elkridge Branch EV Charging

Elkridge Library EV Charging HoCo

New Elkridge, MD Library Features Two Level 2 Charging Ports

There are two EV charging ports at the newly opened Elkridge Branch of the Howard County Library. The Grand Opening of the library was Saturday, March 10 and a large enthusiastic crowd attended the ceremony.

The dual 6.6 kW ChargePoint station in the parking lot requires no fee as of now, however, you will need a card or mobile device to release the connector from the holster.

Elkridge Library Bubble Wall
The Library’s Bubble Wall is popular with the kids.

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Green Paint Vital to Enforcement of Proposed Maryland Anti-ICEing Law

Maryland Anti-ICEing Bill HB 598 2018

We’ll need many gallons of green paint and hundreds of new signs to make electric vehicle charging stations enforceable in Maryland under the latest proposal for a state-wide anti-ICEing law. Are EV charging station site hosts, local and state governments and the EV community up to the task?

Eight states have enacted anti-ICEing laws. They all require that the charging spots be designated in some manner in order to be enforceable. One state, Washington, requires “green pavement markings” in addition to signs to enforce their $124 penalty for violators.

A bill proposed in the 2018 session of the Maryland General Assembly will also require green pavement markings in order to be enforced. HB 598, sponsored by Delegate Clarence Lam, is the sixth attempt at anti-ICEing legislation in Annapolis.

I have participated in efforts to get a statewide anti-ICEing law in Maryland since 2012 when Delegate Eric Luedtke introduced HB 108. In addition to many phone calls, meetings and letters, I have traveled to Annapolis on at least three occasions to testify in support of legislation as chronicled here in 2016 and here for 2017. What will it take to be successful this time?

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