Mount Airy, MD Charging Stations Draw Visitors Downtown

Mt. Airy, MD EV charging stations

Town’s Mayor Drives a Honda Fit Electric Vehicle

When a resident of Mount Airy, Maryland suggested EV charging stations to encourage more visitors to the shops and restaurants in the quaint, historic downtown area, the Mayor took to the idea immediately. Mayor Pat Rockinberg of Mt. Airy happens to drive a Honda Fit EV and knows the lure of charging stations because he has experienced it himself on travels in his electric vehicle.

With support of the Council President, Peter Helt, and work donated by local electrician Mike Dixon of Electrical Solutions, the town now has a dual port charging station in the Municipal Parking Lot at Park Ave. and Cross St.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on May 11, 2015 and visitors are now welcome to plug in and charge for free while they “stop, shop and stroll” the downtown area. This is an example of a trend to court “EV Tourism” that is already popular in Oregon and Arizona.

Mount Airy Main Street has shops to browse including a pottery shop and a model train store.


There are charging stations at Linganore Winery about six miles away and Mt. Airy is a perfect place to get an extra boost during a lunch or dinner stop on an EV tour of this area.


Be sure to tell the shop keepers that you came to visit because of the charging stations installed by the town. This may help encourage other communities to consider EV charging to lure visitors.


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