Maryland Fast Charging Network to Add 26 New Stations

The successful applicants for the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP) grant to develop a DC Fast Charger Network in Maryland have been selected. The three grantees will partner with the state to add 26 DC Fast Charging stations at 21 sites between Ocean City and Hagerstown. The charging stations should be in place by May, 2016.

This program was announced by the Maryland Attorney General on April 24, 2014. The $1,000,000 for the grant comes from a Consent Decree secured from a settlement for alleged violations of the Clean Air Act.

The DC Fast Charging stations installed through the EVIP grant must have both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo chargers at each location and be within ½ mile of the highway exit or within a Metropolitan area. There will be a fee to use them.

At the time it was announced, the network was proposed to encourage Interstate travel and extend as far west as Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County. However, none of the proposals included any sites west of Hagerstown.

The grant program is administered by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) with participation of the Maryland Departments of Environment (MDE) and Transportation (MDOT) and Maryland Clean Cities Coalition.

More details, including the exact sites chosen, should be released soon and I will report updates as I learn them.

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