Laurel Supercharger Opening Soon?

UPDATE: Laurel Supercharger is open as of September 23, 2016.


According to the Property Manager at Towne Centre at Laurel, Tesla plans to open the Laurel Supercharger sometime this week. Lawrence Lashley, who works for Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, the development group that owns and operates the Towne Centre at Laurel, told Plug In Sites in a phone interview that he spoke with Tesla yesterday and that Tesla hopes to open the Supercharger Station by this Saturday, September 17.
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Tesla Superchargers Coming to Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95


Tesla, in coordination with The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), and Areas USA, will be installing a Supercharger station at the Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95 near Aberdeen. This location will be about 34 travel miles south of the Newark, DE Supercharger and 50 miles north of the Laurel, MD Supercharger.

Eight Charging Stalls Expected by Mid-October

“Tesla will be coming to the Maryland House with 8 charging stations,” said Carlos de Jesus, Director of Operations for Areas USA, operator of the Travel Plaza. “We expect them up and running by mid-October.” Tesla Superchargers are free for Tesla electric vehicle owners to use. The Superchargers can furnish up to 170 miles of range in as little as 30 minutes. Tesla will be paying the electric utility bill for the energy consumed by the Superchargers.

Superchargers are also being considered for the Chesapeake House Travel Plaza, 15 miles north of Maryland House. Those plans, including the proposed number of stalls, will be based on data gathered from the first year of usage at the Maryland House.

Universal DC Fast Chargers Also Planned

Two separate areas have been allocated for EV charging at each of the two Travel Plazas. One is for the Tesla Superchargers and the second area will be for charging stations that can be used by other electric vehicles, presumably with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors. The operator intends to partner with a charging company other than Tesla to install those stations in the near future.

Maryland House is one of the busiest travel plazas in the country, serving nearly 3 million visitors a year. The operator plans to advertise the EV charging stations to visitors on video monitors inside the building.


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EV Fast Charging Coming to the Massachusetts Turnpike


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation plans to install electric vehicle fast charging stations at six 
service plazas along the Massachusetts Turnpike by the end of the year.

The 50kW DC Fast Chargers will support both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors and are being installed by contractor, Voltrek, LLC of Andover, MA. The initial locations are planned for Framingham westbound, Natick eastbound, Charlton eastbound and westbound, Blandford westbound and Lee eastbound.

The first two chargers are expected to be operational by early fall and the other stations are expected to be finished by the end of 2016. MassDOT also plans to install six more DC Fast Chargers along I-90 in the future.

Donald Pettey, MassDOT highway project manager for strategic initiatives, said that a goal of the EV charging stations is to help increase adoption of electric vehicles in the state. Currently, there are nearly 7,000 plug-in electric vehicles registered in Massachusetts. EV adoption is also promoted through the Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program which has dedicated $3.7 million to increase the number of plug-in vehicles on the road.

Mr. Pettey says that each charging site will be built to accommodate future expansion. At least 200 kW of electrical service is planned at the locations which can support multiple 50 kW chargers or any high-output charging stations that may be available in the future.

The cost to use the charging stations has not been determined but they will be free for the first six months.

Travel Service Plazas & Tourist Information Centers


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West Virginia Parks To Get EV Charging Stations


Wild Wonderful West Virginia
We love driving the Tesla out to the mountains of West Virginia. The winding mountain roads are loads of fun to drive in an electric car. It is a paradise for one-foot driving pleasure. Press the accelerator for instant torque to go up the mountain. Let off the pedal to slow down entering the next curve or to let the EV regenerative braking control a long descent.

The only down side to taking an EV when visiting the home of the Mountaineers is the lack of charging stations in much of the state. Tesla is planning to install three or four Superchargers according to the map of future locations on the Tesla website. But to attract and accommodate visitors with any kind of electric vehicle, West Virginia State Parks is planning to install EV charging stations for overnight guests.

“There are not a lot of other states that have this many interstate systems running through it,” said Paul Redford, district administrator for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation. “We are sitting in an area perfect for more electric car stations.”

West Virginia State Parks plans to install one Schneider Level 2 (240V, 30A) charging station at each of the State Park’s lodges. The funding came from a WV Division of Energy grant and it will be free to use the stations. The parks with lodges include Blackwater Falls, Cacapon, Chief Logan, Hawks Nest, North Bend, Pipestem, Stonewall Jackson, Twin Falls and Tygart Lake. The units should be operational by the end of September, 2016.

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Delaware DC Fast Chargers Coming to Eight Locations

PlugInSites EV Fast Charger Delaware Map
Click map for location details of proposed Delaware Fast Charger locations. (subject to change)

Delaware Governor Jack Markell joined DNREC Secretary David Small in a ceremony this week to announce the recipients of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Grants, which will help fund alternative fuel infrastructure across the state.

Funding for 15 DC Fast Chargers in Delaware

The grants are part of Delaware’s Clean Transportation Incentive Program, funded through Delaware’s participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative cap-and-trade program. Totaling more than $1 million, the grants announced this week include awards to install DC fast charging stations for electric vehicles as well as CNG and propane fueling stations. The EV infrastructure grants range from $8,846 to $349,902, depending on the scope and technology needs of each project and will be applied toward 15 chargers at eight locations.

The grant recipients for DC Fast Charging Stations are:

The Delaware Division of Parks & Recreation – $55,962, to install two D.C. Fast Charging Stations at Blue Ball Barn in Wilmington and Indian River Marina.

Royal Farms – $349,902, to install 10 D.C. Fast Charging Stations at five Delaware stores in Smyrna, Dover, Milford, Georgetown and Laurel.

The University of Delaware – $8,846, to install three Level 3 Charging Stations on the University of Delaware Campus, including one public charging station.

Delaware “Fueling the Future”

“Delaware has been a leader in reducing emissions while still remaining dedicated to economic growth as well as promoting the health of our residents and our environment,” said Governor Markell. “Through our participation in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and the Delaware Clean Transportation Incentive Program, we’ve been able to secure funding that helps us reduce our environmental footprint and combat climate change by promoting the use of alternative fuels and supporting alternative fuel infrastructure throughout the state.”

Clean Transportation Initiatives, Rebates and Funding in Delaware

For more information on clean transportation initiatives, rebates and funding opportunities offered through the Division of Energy & Climate, please visit Delaware Clean Transportation Incentive Program, or call DNREC’s Division of Energy and Climate at 302-735-3480.

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Bethesda Supercharger Shutting Down on June 30, 2016

UPDATE: Closed as of Feb 15, 2017

The Temporary Supercharger in the garage at Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda will be decommissioned on June 30, 2016 according to a note attributed to Tesla. A new Supercharger with 8 stalls is under construction between DC & Baltimore off of I-95 in Laurel, Maryland.

pluginsights Tesla Bethesda Note
photo by vdiv

“Temporary Supercharger to be decommissioned on June 30, 2016. A new, permanent Supercharger is under construction at the Towne Centre at Laurel to serve travelers. Once the new station is open, it will appear on the Tesla Trip Planner and on If you need assistance installing a home charging solution, please contact the Tesla charging installation team…”

pluginsights Tesla Bethesda Supercharger
photo by vdiv

Originally Designated as a Temporary Supercharger

The Supercharger in Bethesda was always meant to be temporary. It was placed in January, 2014 during the initial coast-to-coast Supercharger route build out. At the time, it was rumored to have been put there to support the two cars that Tesla sent from LA to NY to break a Guinness World Record. The rally cars ended up going direct from Hagerstown to Newark.

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Laurel Supercharger Begins Construction


The Tesla Supercharger in Laurel, MD is now officially under construction.


A crew broke ground at the site in the Towne Centre at Laurel on May 4, 2016.


The crates holding the Supercharger cabinets were moved to a remote area of the parking lot.


@Lanny for @PlugInSites

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Laurel Maryland Tesla Supercharger Delivery


Four crates labeled “DC SUPERCHARGER” along with two big electrical cabinets, various boxes and conduit were delivered to the Towne Centre at Laurel within the past few days.


Construction of the long-awaited Laurel Supercharger station is about to begin. It should take about four or five weeks to complete.


The white spray painted square marks the area where the Supercharger equipment will be installed within a walled enclosure.


Eight pull-in stalls are planned in the area where the crates are standing.


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Laurel MD Tesla Supercharger Site Ready for Construction

Permit issued for Tesla Supercharger at Towne Centre at Laurel

According to the City of Laurel, a permit has been issued to build a Tesla Supercharger at 14700 Baltimore Avenue in the Towne Centre at Laurel. Plans are for eight stalls on the lower level of the parking garage next to the Regal Movie Theater.


These photos taken at the Supercharger site show that Miss Utility has recently paid a visit. The transformer will be to the left of the red markings.


Eight pull-in stalls are proposed to go along the western side of the garage.



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