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Laurel, Maryland is Site of Planned Tesla Supercharger

Permit pending for 8 charging stalls at Towne Centre at Laurel

According to the City of Laurel, an application has been submitted to build a Tesla Supercharger at 14700 Baltimore Avenue which is the Towne Centre at Laurel. Plans are for eight stalls on the lower level of the parking garage next to the Regal Movie Theater. A permit will be issued by the city once a contractor is selected.

This site may replace the temporary Supercharger that has been in Bethesda since January, 2014.

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PA Turnpike Fast Charging Stations PA Turnpike Map Dec2015

Click map for location details. green=installed, yellow=construction, dark blue=permitted, light blue=bidding.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has been working with the PA Turnpike on installing DC Fast Chargers along the length of the Turnpike. Car Charging Group, Inc. is a partner in the Turnpike project and they have reported that construction is underway at the Oakmont Plaza near Pittsburgh.
New Stanton, North and South Somerset and North and South Midway have permits and are scheduled for construction. All six western travel plazas are expected to have Fast Chargers installed and operational by the end of February 2016. The central plazas (Sideling Hill, Blue Mountain, Cumberland Valley, Highspire and Lawn) are now in the bidding process.

Source: PA Dept. of Environmental Protection Nov. 2015 Report to the Citizens Advisory Council


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UPDATE: Maryland EVIP Fast Charger Map – December, 2015

PlugInSites-org EVIP Map April 2016

Click map for location details of Maryland EVIP CHAdeMO/SAE Combo Fast Chargers.

This is the December, 2015 April, 2016 PlugInSites unofficial map of open, under construction and planned locations of the Maryland Energy Administration’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP) Fast Charger stations. Grants were awarded for 21 sites although not all of those locations are shown on this map and some of the planned locations shown are subject to change.

The EVIP grant program, announced on April 24, 2014, provides up to $1,000,000 in matching funds for a public/private partnership to install a DC Fast Charging network throughout the State of Maryland. The DC Fast Charging sites will have both CHAdeMO and SAE Combo connectors.

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Wytheville, Virginia Tesla Supercharger – Permit Issued


A building permit was issued last week for a Tesla Supercharger to be constructed at 165 Malin Dr., Wytheville, VA. (map link)

There is a Holiday Inn Express located at that address. A Waffle House, Shoney’s and Peking Chinese restaurant also show on the map nearby.

Construction has not yet begun as of November 24, 2015.

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Tesla Supercharger to be Built in Lexington, VA

Officials in Rockbridge County have issued a permit for the construction of a Tesla Supercharger station near the town of Lexington, Virginia at 880 N. Lee Highway (map).

There is an Applebee’s restaurant, Best Western and a Holiday Inn Express near this address.

The new Supercharger will be close to the interchange of I-64 and I-81 and will be accessible to travelers on both highways. The Lexington, VA Supercharger will be about 109 miles south of the Tesla Supercharger in Strasburg, VA that opened on September 2, 2015.

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Ocean City Selects Locations for Public Charging Stations

PlugInSites_OCproposed Charging Map

Click for interactive map

At a meeting earlier this week, the Ocean City, Maryland Mayor and City Council agreed to install electric vehicle charging stations in at least three locations. The Holiday Inn Oceanfront has already installed Tesla destination charging stations and those are up and running now.

In August, the Mayor and Council had agreed to accept a grant from Tesla Motors to install three charging stations in the Convention Center south parking lot. City Engineer Terry McGean reported that the originally proposed location in the southeast corner of the lot did not have electric service of the proper voltage for the charging stations and there was no close by transformer for DelMarVa Power to tap into. McGean recommended changing the location to the north side of the same parking lot near a utility pole with transformers to install the two Tesla HPWCs and one universal J-1772 station.

First EV charging stations in Ocean City now open at Holiday Inn Oceanfront

First EV charging stations in Ocean City now open at Holiday Inn Oceanfront

The City has also been approached by Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI), a Baltimore company that markets charging stations, with a grant that would include a generous number of charging stations including installation at no cost to the City. Ocean City would provide the parking spaces and electricity in the arrangement. After some discussion, the Mayor and Council voted to agree to the new location of the Tesla supplied stations at the Convention Center and to accept the EVI grant proposal for two stations each at Northside Park and the parking lot at 100th Street with another yet to be determined location in the south part of town.

City Engineer McGean was asked by the Council to explore options for the fourth EV charging location in the downtown area close to the boardwalk. Councilman Tony DeLuca said, “The more locations that we can have, the better. Having people come here with electric cars of all types is really the future and I just think it is the right direction.”

The City will provide the electricity for free for one year and then reevaluate. Councilman Wayne Hartman noted the @TeslaRoadTrip event that came to Ocean City in April and said that most of them stayed in Salisbury because of the chargers there. “If we have those 80 or 100 cars here, the town is going to actually make money by having those chargers here.”

The City Engineer has said that their goal is to have the Tesla charging stations installed by next spring.


DC Fast Chargers Under Construction on Eastern Shore

Driving an electric vehicle along Route 50 to the Maryland beaches will soon be far more practical. Royal Farms stores in Cambridge, Salisbury, and Ocean City have broken ground for SAE Combo and CHAdeMO fast charging stations. Once they are operational, these fast chargers will allow folks driving a BMW i3, Chevy Spark EV, Nissan LEAF or other fast charging equipped EV to hopscotch their way along Rt. 50 from the Washington-Baltimore area to Ocean City.

EV Charger Ocean City, MD Royal Farms Store

Ocean City, MD Royal Farms Store

Route 50 to Ocean City Becoming “Electrified”

In March, the Maryland Energy Administration announced the 2015 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (EVIP) grant winners. The $1,000,000 EVIP grant will be used to install fast chargers throughout the state by October 1, 2016. The grant recipients must pay for at least half the cost themselves and it is a requirement to support both SAE Combined Charging System (CCS) and CHAdeMO standards at each location.

The Royal Farms convenience store chain won grant funds to install chargers at 15 of their stores. I’ve been scouting the Royal Farms stores in Cambridge, Salisbury, and Ocean City for signs of construction every time I happen to drive past them. Sometimes I would go in and ask the store manager when the charging stations were coming. At first they had no idea what I was talking about. In recent months they knew about the plans, but didn’t know exactly when they would be installed.

EVIP MAP-7-26-15

Click map to get details and charger location addresses of planned EVIP CHAdeMO/SAE Combo locations.

Cambridge, Salisbury and Ocean City Coming Soon

This weekend, my search finally paid off. I was driving out to Ocean City and as I approached the Royal Farms on the south side of Cambridge, my eyes scanned the edges of the parking lot where a charging station would likely be installed. I caught sight of two green bollards next to some new electrical panels. As I drew closer, I saw a freshly poured concrete pad with electrical conduit jutting out. The chargers were not installed yet, but construction was well under way.

EV Charger Salisbury, MD Royal Farms Store

Salisbury, MD Royal Farms Store

As I traveled east on Rt. 50, I stopped at the Royal Farms in Salisbury and Ocean City. The construction at both locations was at a similar state of progress as Cambridge. The Salisbury store even had signs in place. An inspection sticker at the Cambridge site had a date of October 21, 2015 on it. I suspect that the ground was broken on all three within the past week or so.

Cambridge, MD Royal Farms Store

Cambridge, MD Royal Farms Store

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Front Royal, Virginia Getting a DC Fast Charger


DC Fast Charger w/ SAE Combo at Visitors Center

A DC Fast Charger for CHAdeMO and SAE Combo equipped cars is being installed in downtown Front Royal, Virginia. A concrete pad and signs for two parking spaces to be reserved for EV charging are already in place in the parking lot of the Front Royal Visitors Center at 415 E. Main Street.

Equipment Donated by Nissan North America

The Town Council approved a plan at their August 24, 2015 General Meeting to accept a donation of an electric vehicle fast charger from the Nissan North America EV Advantage Program. The value of the equipment and services being provided by Nissan is $38,000. The Town of Front Royal will pay for the installation costs and pay $600.00 to cover four years of Greenlots software and support services. The town must also commit to keeping the charging equipment in place, maintained and accessible to the general public at all times for at least five years. Continue reading

Blacksburg, Virginia Fast Charger Coming Soon


UPDATE: Ribbon Cutting October 13, 2015 at 2:30 pm



DC Fast Charger in Town Hall Parking Lot

Blacksburg, Virginia plans to open the town’s first DC Fast Charger at a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 15, 2015. Workers were at the site in the Blacksburg Municipal Building (Town Hall) parking lot on the morning of September 2nd and confirmed the location of the dual SAE Combo / CHAdeMO unit in the corner of the lot at the spot circled in the photo. Two parking spaces will be reserved for the EV charging station and it will be free to use.
Continue reading