The Talking EV Charging Station


The new Signet dual-connector DC Fast Charger at the Municipal Building in Blacksburg has a unique feature. It talks!

Step-by-Step Voice Instructions

A woman’s voice emits from a loudspeaker in the front panel of the unit to give the operator step-by-step instructions on how to use the charger. In the video below, she explains how to end a session. “Your charge is completed. Disengage the connector from your vehicle and confirm that you want to stop the charge by pressing the stop button.” After the button is pushed, the voice says, “Please return the connector to its cradle and close the door until it clicks. Thank you for using our service.”

Enables Trips in the Shenandoah Valley

We recently used this Fast Charger in Blacksburg on our way back north after driving 200 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It delivered 132 mi/hr and we easily made it to the Tesla Supercharger in Strasburg in our Model S 70D in mild fall temperatures. As of October, 2015 it is free to use and you don’t need a card or smartphone app of any kind.