The Hawthorn Center in Hickory Ridge, Columbia, MD

Hawthorn Center EV Charging
SemaConnect EV Charging Station

Columbia Association installed a Level 2 charging station at The Hawthorn Center in Hickory Ridge. The SemaConnect ChargePro station is located by the pool entrance near the south west side of the building. The Hawthorn Center is at 6175 Sunny Spring, Columbia, MD 21044. MAP

This is the seventh site and ninth charging port installed by the Columbia Association. The other locations are at Owen Brown Community Center, Columbia Gym, Supreme Sports Club, Athletic Club (2), Long Reach Tennis Club (2) and The Other Barn in Oakland Mills.

The charging station is working and is available on the SemaConnect network. You’ll need a SemaConnect card or their app to activate a session. The fee is $0.20 per kWh. This fee is the same as at the other Columbia Association EV charging locations. The other sites have ChargePoint stations that are on the ChargePoint network and require a different card or app.

Signs that were placed at other Columbia Association sites in response to requests from the EV community to prevent ICEing are not posted at The Hawthorn Center or The Other Barn charging stations. Hopefully the management at Columbia Association will remedy this soon.

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