Tesla Roadster Charging at the Westin Annapolis

Annapolis Westin Tesla Roadster Charging CUHere’s a little secret, there’s a Tesla Roadster charging station tucked away in the valet parking section In the Westin Annapolis hotel parking garage. I’m not exactly sure how long it’s been there but I first scouted it out in August, 2012 and it looked like it had been there a while even back then.

Annapolis Westin Garage Level P1 signIt’s on Level P1 on the north wall. Look for it on the left soon after entering the garage from the north entrance. When I last checked on August 17, 2014, it was powered on and seemed to be working.

There are a number of hotels and other places that are now offering destination charging for Tesla Model S but this is an early example of an upscale hotel that was forward thinking enough to offer EV charging as an amenity for their guests.

Annapolis Westin Garage  Tesla Roadster Charging in Valet AreaAnother interesting feature of the Westin Annapolis that shows their commitment to sustaining the environment is a rooftop beehive. The hotel chef installed a beehive on the hotel’s roof that hosts as many as 35,000 honey bees to help pollinate trees and plants in the downtown area. The chef uses the honey to create signature dishes in the hotel’s Azure Restaurant.

For electric vehicle drivers without a Tesla Roadster, there is the Annapolis Springhill Suites with EV charging (SemaConnect Level 2) which was a previous Featured Plug In Site.


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