Tesla Expanding Destination Charging in Mid-Atlantic

Tesla Charging Station at AACA Museum, Hershey, PA
Tesla Charging Station at AACA Museum, Hershey, PA

Want to drive your Tesla Model S to Charlottesville, Dewey Beach or Hershey and charge while you’re there? Now you can!

Each of these towns are between 230 and 260 miles round trip from Washington, DC and there are currently no Superchargers along the way. Even with 265 miles of rated range on the Model S 85 kWh battery, you are probably going to be looking to charge. In the past few months, Tesla has quietly been expanding their “Destination Charging” program by installing High Power Wall Connectors (HPWC) at hotels, restaurants, museums and other places where Tesla drivers are likely to stay long enough to charge for a few hours.

In Charlottesville, VA the Oakhurst Inn has a Tesla HPWC at their boutique hotel and cafe near UVA. They also have installed a 40 Amp Clipper Creek station with a J-1772 connector that will fit other electric cars. The Oakhust Inn is part of Hay Creek Hotels which also has Tesla HPWCs at ten of their properties in New England.

Dewey Beach, DE has two HPWC stations in the garage of the Hyatt Place and the management of the hotel are big supporters of Tesla. A Tesla Drive event was held at the hotel this summer.

In Hershey, PA, there are two HPWCs in front of the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum. Like the Oakhurst Inn, they’ve also installed a Clipper Creek HCS-40, J-1772 charging station. The three stations are available 24 hours a day and are free. Museum executive director Mark Lizewskie says “Tesla is a futuristic car that will be a milestone in the history of the automobile.” Lizewskie acknowledged that in the early days of the automobile, electric cars competed with steam and gasoline and public charging stations existed in many cities.

Some have compared Elon Musk and Tesla Motors to Preston Tucker who created a futuristic automobile in the 1940s. The AACA Museum recently opened a wing dedicated to the Tucker auto. Might be a good reason to take a road trip to Hershey!

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