Tesla Destination Charging in North Myrtle Beach


We recently drove down to North Mrytle Beach, SC to attend a wedding and stayed at the North Beach Plantation. We were pleased to find that we could charge our Model S right outside of the reception hall at the Tesla HPWC shown in the photo above.


The hotel that we stayed at also had an HPWC and a ClipperCreek universal J-1772 charging station in the garage. The resort uses electric shuttle buses that might be parked at the charging stations, but we were quickly able to find a valet who cheerfully moved the shuttle bus out of a spot for us to charge.


The two destination charging locations on the North Beach Plantation Resort grounds are not yet on the Tesla Destination Charging map. Tesla has been very busy getting partners into the destination charging program that they must have a hard time keeping the map up to date with new installations.

If you know of a hotel, resort or other location that would be a good candidate for a destination charging station, have them contact the Tesla Destination Charging team.