Supercharging Across America, Summer of 2014

Supercharging Across America Tesla

On the morning of July 12th, 2014, a group of Tesla enthusiasts gathered at Newark, DE to embark on a 3,605 mile cross country drive. That summer, the Great American Road Trip was finally electrified — empowered by the newly completed coast-to-coast Supercharger route.

It was California or Bust for the Tesla faithful. The destination was the annual TMC Connect conference held by the Tesla Motors Club in Monterey.

Five cars covered in decals formed a convoy as they left Newark. Others joined the parade as they made their way across the USA. Nightly stops were in Maumee, OH, Albert Lea, MN, Lusk, WY, and Green River, UT.

Tesla Sunset, St. Charles, MN

There was only one Supercharger route at the time. All the cars were 85 kWh first generation Model S. A few of the stretches required a 100% charge for comfort. Pulling into a Supercharger with seven, five or three miles left was not unusual.

By the time they reached California, they were over a dozen Teslas strong.

Roseville, CA Supercharger

In the six years since, many are discovering the joy of taking a cross-country Tesla road trip. More Supercharger routes have opened up. A trans-Canada route is complete.

Today there are 970 Supercharger sites in North America. Perhaps it’s less of an “adventure” six years after that first Supercharged summer, but the Great American Road Trip in an electric car is becoming normal. As it should be.