Six-Stall DC Fast Charger Sites Coming to Maryland

6-stall DCFC Silver Spring
CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Charging Station in North Silver Spring, Maryland

Outside of a few places in California, it’s rare to find more than two DC Fast Chargers together at a single location. Tesla has hundreds of Supercharger sites with as many as 40 charging stalls. Maryland House and Chesapeake House Travel Plazas on I-95 have four CCS/CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers each.

But now, two sites in Maryland are under construction with six dual-port CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Chargers lined up in a row similar to what you would see at a Tesla Supercharging station. One is being built in a hotel parking lot near Columbia Pike and Cherry Hill Rd. in Silver Spring, about 3 miles west of I-95.

The other six-stall fast charging location is at Nottingham Commons in White Marsh, about 2 miles east of the White Marsh Blvd. Exit on I-95.

EV Charger Cabinets at White Marsh
Charger Cabinets at White Marsh

The labels on the equipment indicate that the charging stations are 50 kW. They are made by BTC Power, Inc. and the six stalls are Model EVDSP-50-KW. There are three white cabinets in a separate area that are labeled Model: EVPC-100-KW. Presumably the power from each cabinet is split equally between two remote stalls. There are no markings that clearly say who the station operator is, but the phone number on the payment pad of the stations in White Marsh seems to belong to EVgo.

EV Fast Chargers, Six Stalls in White Marsh, Maryland

Thanks to PlugInSites reader @tkoogle and MMC for alerting us to these new charging sites under construction.

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