SemaConnect Personal Charging Stations for Apartments and Condos

SemaConnect Apartment and Condo EV charging
photo: courtesy of SemaConnect

Individually Billed EV Charging for Multi-Family Housing

A large portion of the population in the US lives in multi-unit housing such as an apartment or condo. The parking arrangements in these communities can make it difficult to install a dedicated electric vehicle charging station. Some states have Right to Charge laws that make it easier to get approval for putting in charging equipment from their Condo or HOA board.

SemaConnect now offers an option to help property managers of multi-unit housing to offer dedicated personal charging stations to residents. SemaConnect’s new Series 5 Personal Charging Station is designed to be used by EV drivers that have a dedicated parking space in a multi-unit housing community. The unit supports electricity metering and billing directly to the EV driver. Property managers can now supply EV charging and get reimbursed for the electricity and service used by residents.

Process for Billing & Reimbursement

The way it works in most instances is that a property will buy the stations and install them in parking spaces that are assigned to individual EV drivers.  The EV driver will have a card that allows them exclusive access to their assigned station. Each month the EV driver is billed a flat fee for access to the station plus an optional fee for the electricity used. In localities that don’t yet allow billing by the kWh, the charges can be based on the time spent charging.
Three pricing plans are available:

  • Flat fee
  • Flat fee + energy usage fee (kW fee)
  • Flat fee + duration fee (time spent charging)

The EV driver pays monthly through their SemaConnect account and SemaConnect remits payment to the property manager or station owner.

SemaConnect Series 5
SemaConnect Series 5 EV Charging Stations. photo: courtesy of SemaConnect

The Series 5 Personal Charging Station looks similar to the design of the classic SemaConnect equipment but is a bit shorter and has a smaller LED indicator on the face rather than the wide band of lights near the top of their other design.

Local Case Studies of installations of EV charging at HOA & Condo communities on the Maryland EV website.