Rivian Charging Station Planned for Colorado Town

Part of Rivian Adventure Network

Electric Vehicle maker Rivian has promised to build charging stations to help support drivers of their all-electric trucks and SUVs along highway routes as well as at outdoor destinations. One of the first of the so-called Rivian Adventure Network sites may be taking shape in Salida, Colorado in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Salida is described as an outdoor sports mecca. It’s roughly in the middle of the state, about 80 miles south of Breckenridge and about three hours from Denver.

Parking Spaces to be Leased from Town

The City of Salida was approached by Rivian last summer to put a charging station in town. After several months of searching for the right location and negotiating terms, the City Council accepted a motion to lease property located at 232 G Street to Rivian and to authorize the execution of a Charging Station Lease Agreement. The lease term is 10 years with the option of five more years after that. Rivian will give the city a $50,000 one-time payment to lease the site plus $2,700 to pay for installing trees nearby.

CCS Proposed to be Exclusively for Rivian Vehicles

The charging site is located next to a Safeway grocery store and is adjacent to the Monarch Spur Trail which runs through town. The charging site will have eight charging stations. Four will be DC Fast Chargers with CCS connectors and four will be Level 2 charging stations with J1772 connectors.

According to the Request for City Council Action published by the City, the fast chargers “are currently proposed to be exclusively for the use of Rivian vehicles only.” However, the text of the lease that was offered for discussion at the public meeting suggests that Rivian reserves the option to open some or all of the Fast Charger spaces to all electric vehicles.

Rivian shall have the right to decide, in its sole discretion, whether the Rivian Level 3 Charging Spaces shall be open solely to Rivian electric vehicles or to all electric vehicles, and Rivian shall have the right to change the status of all or some of the Rivian Level 3 Charging Spaces on five (5) days’ written notice to the Landlord.

Level 2 Open to Any Vehicle

The Level 2 charging stations will be open for drivers of any type of vehicle to park or to use the charging equipment, not just Rivian vehicles and apparently, not just EVs. This must be similar to “GENERAL PARKING” signs that allow for a specific period of time at some Tesla Supercharger stalls.

Pull-Through Charging Space For Vehicles Pulling a Trailer

One of the four Fast Charging spots will de dedicated for charging vehicles that are pulling a trailer. The spot will allow you to enter the charging space located along the curb parallel to the Monarch Spur Trail, plug in and then pull forward out of the space after you finish charging. The other DC Fast Chargers and all four Level 2 stations are at the front of diagonal parking spots behind the Safeway building and across the travel aisle from the pull-through charging space.

Public Hearing Set for January

The Salida City Council approved the first reading of Ordinance 2020-14 to execute the lease with Rivian and have set a public hearing for January 5, 2021.