Renaissance Capital View Tesla Destination Charging

Renaissance Capital View Tesla Tuesday
Renaissance Capital View on Tesla Tuesday, Sept 8, 2015

Four Charging Stations in Hotel Garage in Crystal City

Tesla Motors has partnered with the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Crystal City, VA to provide four charging stations so that guests can plug in while they stay overnight or dine in the restaurant. As you enter the hotel’s underground garage off of South Potomac Ave., you will see a red Tesla sign designating the charging stations on level G1 at the bottom of the first entrance ramp.
Parking garage level G1

Tesla HPWC and ClipperCreek J-1772 Charging Stations

There are two High Power Wall Connectors (HPWC) for Model S on the right that are set to deliver around 60 Amps. To the left are two universal J-1772 charging stations made by ClipperCreek that fit most other production electric vehicles.

ClipperCreek 40A stations

Destination Charging Network

Tesla is developing a network of destination charging locations by giving away Tesla wall connectors and ClipperCreek universal charging stations to hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants and other places where drivers stop long enough to charge. Properties must meet certain qualifications including having the charging equipment installed in a convenient location and being listed on the Tesla charging network map which is accessible on all Model S navigation screens.

Tesla Tuesday poster

Tesla Tuesday

The Renaissance Arlington Capital View celebrated the new charging stations on Sept. 8, 2015 with the hotel’s inaugural “Tesla Tuesday” event. Each Tuesday the hotel will offer discounts and specials to Tesla owners who show their key fob. The first night drew a crowd of about 40 Tesla owners and guests from the @TeslaRoadTrip group that I am one of the organizers of. We had over 27 Teslas at the event including two Roadsters.

Eight of the cars were parked in front of the hotel’s entrance and drew a lot of attention from passersby including another Tesla Model S owner from New Jersey who happened to be staying at the hotel. Why did that EV owner choose to stay at the Renaissance Capital View? Probably because he could charge his car there. Other hotels should take notice.