Police Ticketing Vehicles That Block EV Charging Spots in Howard County, MD

Ticket for blocking an EV Charging Spot Parking Citation SUV

Howard County Police left a parking citation on the windshield of this SUV that parked in a spot designated for electric vehicle charging in Columbia, Maryland.

Citation for parking a non electric car in electric spot, Fine $35.00

The ticket indicated a fine of $35.00 for, “parking restriction violation non electric car in electric spot.” The ordinance number cited was 21207c3. That ordinance was amended to the Howard County Code when the provisions of Council Bill 36-2014 went into effect in September, 2014.

SUVs blocking two EV charging stations in Columbia, MD

Montgomery County, Maryland has a similar law which has been effective since June 11, 2014. In order to be enforced on private property, both counties require that the spaces be marked for the use of plug-in vehicles with a sign that conforms to specified regulations or standards.

Parking violations can be reported by calling the police non-emergency line.

Montgomery County, MD – Police Non-Emergencies: 301-279-8000
Ref: Montgomery County Code Sec. 31-26B * Printable PDF

Howard County, MD – Police Non-Emergencies: 410-313-2200
Ref: Howard County Code Sec. 21.207 and 21.221 * Printable PDF