Pennsylvania Allows per Kilowatt Hour Fees for EV Charging

BLINK1One of the charging stations that we used during our Pennsylvania EV Road Trip in September was a Blink station in Wayne, PA that cost $2.49 per hour. Since our car charges at about 2.9 kW, this equated to about $.86 per kilowatt hour (“kWh”). Blink stations in Maryland and Virginia have fees based on $.49 per kWh of usage rather than time. This is because the regulators in some states, including MD and VA, have allowed electric vehicle charging station operators to resell electricity by the same unit of measure as the utilities.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has decided to allow EV charging station operators to implement per kWh pricing. Car Charging Group, Inc., which owns the Blink network will implement their per kWh pricing structure at approximately 140 EV charging stations in Pennsylvania. These include some on the PA turnpike and in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


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