PA Turnpike Fast Charging Stations PA Turnpike Map Dec2015
Click map for location details. green=installed, yellow=construction, dark blue=permitted, light blue=bidding.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has been working with the PA Turnpike on installing DC Fast Chargers along the length of the Turnpike. Car Charging Group, Inc. is a partner in the Turnpike project and they have reported that construction is underway at the Oakmont Plaza near Pittsburgh.
New Stanton, North and South Somerset and North and South Midway have permits and are scheduled for construction. All six western travel plazas are expected to have Fast Chargers installed and operational by the end of February 2016. The central plazas (Sideling Hill, Blue Mountain, Cumberland Valley, Highspire and Lawn) are now in the bidding process.

Source: PA Dept. of Environmental Protection Nov. 2015 Report to the Citizens Advisory Council


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