Ocean City, Maryland Supercharger is Open

Ocean City, Maryland Tesla Supercharger

Tesla Supercharging Station at Royal Farms

The Eastern Shore of Maryland used to be a vast EV charging desert. Anxiety about charging in the Delmarva peninsula discouraged many early electric vehicle owners from driving to Ocean City from the DC area.

Salisbury, MD Supercharger opened in November, 2014 and gave Tesla drivers the confidence to reach the beach. About three years later, a dozen Supercharger stalls opened at Royal Farms in Grasonville, MD.

At the same time, many destination charging stations were installed in Ocean City at hotels and public parking lots. Two CCS/CHAdeMO chargers were installed at the Convention Center. These chargers were partially funded by a state grant called the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program or AFIP administered by the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA).

Now there’s a Tesla Supercharger in Ocean City. For anyone familiar with the CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Charger at the Royal Farms on Rt. 50 just before crossing the drawbridge, the Supercharger stalls are next to that unit.

250 kW Version 3 Supercharger Site

Ocean City Maryland Supercharger is the first Version 3 (V3) Supercharger site to open in Maryland. These have higher power, up to 250 kW, with thinner more flexible cables due to liquid cooling. Most V3 Supercharger sites have eight stalls. The Version 3 charging cabinets serve four stalls each. Ocean City, however, has only six stalls.

More Superchargers are planned for the Washington, DC area in 2020.

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