NRG eVgo Freedom Station Coming to Elkridge, MD


Last night I stopped by the Trader Joes in the Gateway Overlook Shopping Center in Elkridge, Maryland and noticed construction equipment and a blocked off area in the nearby parking lot. I have been looking for signs of an NRG eVgo Freedom Station rumored for this area for about a year. I had given up actively looking for it since an eVgo station opened nearby at Arundel Mills and I figured that it may have taken the place of the one planned for near Columbia.

The construction area had plywood boards covering two holes between a couple of parking spaces and a long trench that seemed consistent with the layout of other eVgo Freedom Station sites that I’ve seen. There was also a big hole by an electrical cabinet at the edge of the parking lot close to the Costco gasoline station. I highly suspected this was preparation for an eVgo charging site which typically includes a CHAdeMO DC Fast Charger and one or two Level 2 charging stations.


I searched the Howard County building permits and found that a commercial electrical permit was issued to Mona Electric on August 29, 2014 for an eVgo electric vehicle charging station at 6630 Marie Curie Drive. MAP LINK

This particular location will be interesting because it will be a commercial charging station with usage fees and it is only about two miles from the Howard County CHAdeMO charger at the Ascend Building which is free for public use.

I wonder if NRG eVgo will post official regulatory signs required for enforcement of the new Howard County anti-ICEing law which goes into effect on September 29th. Gasoline-only vehicles have been reported parking at the Arundel Mills eVgo station despite informational signage there.