National Harbor Supercharger Lot Permanently Closed

National Harbor Supercharger Closed

Site Closed Less Than 15 Months After Opening

Early this morning, the Tesla Navigation map indicated that the National Harbor Supercharger was out of service. By 10 AM, the pin for National Harbor had disappeared completely and by this afternoon, National Harbor had been deleted from the Supercharger list on Tesla’s website.

There now stands a bank of 12 dark stalls where a day earlier had been active with Tesla cars coming and going. This Supercharger site went from Ribbon Cutting to decommissioning within 15 months.

In October, National Harbor announced that the Tesla parking lot would be closing. The lot was said to have been sold in order to build a hotel. We were assured that the Superchargers would be relocated somewhere else within National Harbor.

In December, we reported finding a permit and construction activity by the Fleet Garage just to the north of the original Supercharger location.

Urban Supercharger Fleet Garage

Urban Superchargers Going In at National Harbor Fleet Garage

As of today, construction is well under way inside the Fleet Garage. There appear to be 12 Urban Supercharger spots being prepared on Level 2 near the Fleet Street entrance. The six charger cabinets are already in place and sheet metal channels like those used in the Baltimore, MD – McHenry Row 72 kW Urban Superchargers are stacked on the floor awaiting installation. There are eight parking spots taped off along the Fleet Street side of the garage and four more spots on the other side of the white cabinets perpendicular to the entrance aisle.

Fleet Garage Tesla Supercharger
There is still work to be done before this new location will be ready. The gated parking garage requires a $5.00 fee for 0-2 hours to leave. There’s a payment kiosk in the corner next to the last Supercharger spot. If you intend to dine or otherwise linger, it should be easy to find an open spot to relocate when finished charging. There are seven levels of parking.

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