Maryland “Right to Charge” at Condos & HOAs Proposed

A Right to Charge bill before the Maryland legislature would require that the governing body of a condominium or HOA approve requests to install electric vehicle charging equipment provided that certain conditions are met.

Addresses Challenges for Multi-Unit Housing Residents

Maryland House Bill 111, sponsored by Delegate Marc Korman, would help establish guidelines and a process for condo boards and home owners associations to approve a resident’s application to install an EV charging station. The resident must pay all the costs, obtain any required permits and follow applicable laws and regulations associated with installing the charging equipment.

Synopsis of Maryland HB 111

Providing that certain provisions of a recorded covenant or restriction, a declaration, or the bylaws or rules of a condominium or homeowners association are void and unenforceable if they prohibit or unreasonably restrict the installation or use of electric vehicle recharging equipment; requiring certain owners of electric vehicle recharging equipment to be responsible for certain costs and disclosures; requiring a unit owner or lot owner to obtain certain permits or approval; etc.

Facilitating EV Ownership

A similar bill passed in New York and was signed into law by Governor Cuomo in December. Five other states have enacted “Right to Charge” laws. Virginia lawmakers are also considering a bill this session.

A large portion of the population resides in multi-unit housing or property governed by an HOA. This results in many potential EV drivers who would buy an electric car if the barriers for charging at home were removed.

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