Laurel Supercharger Opening Soon?

UPDATE: Laurel Supercharger is open as of September 23, 2016.


According to the Property Manager at Towne Centre at Laurel, Tesla plans to open the Laurel Supercharger sometime this week. Lawrence Lashley, who works for Greenberg Gibbons Commercial, the development group that owns and operates the Towne Centre at Laurel, told Plug In Sites in a phone interview that he spoke with Tesla yesterday and that Tesla hopes to open the Supercharger Station by this Saturday, September 17.

There are no plans to celebrate the opening with any kind of ceremony. A recognition of the availability of the Tesla Superchargers may appear on the property’s Facebook page.

The delay is apparently due to some minor technical issues according to Mr. Lashley, although it isn’t clear what those issues might be. Some Tesla drivers who have visited the Supercharger location at night have commented that the lighting seems poor in that corner of the parking garage. The manager was not aware of that perception and said that he will investigate the lighting near the Superchargers.

The property does not plan to engage in any active enforcement against “ICEing” or parking of non-Tesla vehicles at the Superchargers. The Towne Centre at Laurel and Tesla had discussed parking enforcement and decided to rely on the community to respect that the charging spots are for Tesla vehicles only. What if it turns out that non-Tesla vehicles ignore the signs and park there anyway? Mr. Lashley responded that their security patrol will monitor the situation and management will reevaluate if it becomes necessary.

Here is a Directory of Shops & Services at Towne Centre at Laurel.


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