Happy 7th Birthday East Coast Superchargers

Newark, DE and Milford, CT Tesla Superchargers Open for Seven Years

Milford, CT Tesla Supercharger
90 kW Supercharger stalls at Milford Travel Plaza NB. photo: @Lanny, Feb. 17, 2013.

On December 21, 2012, Tesla officially opened the Superchargers at the Delaware Welcome Center in Newark and at the Milford Travel Plazas on I-95 in Connecticut. These two locations let Model S drivers travel between Washington, DC and Boston. At the time, only six of Tesla’s exclusive fast charging sites existed elsewhere in the world and all were in California. Today, there are over 1,700 Supercharger stations worldwide.

Tesla Supercharger map 2012

Originally, there were four stalls in Newark, DE and two stalls each at the Milford Travel Center north-bound side and south-bound side. All were rated at 90 kW at first. The original Newark Supercharger stalls were decommissioned in March, 2016 and 12 new stalls were put in another part of the Welcome Center parking lot. The Milford Superchargers are still in their original locations but have been upgraded to 150 kW. Another Supercharger, Milford – Boston Post Road, with 14 stalls opened in April, 2017.

Newark, DE Tesla Supercharger 2013
Original Newark, DE Superchargers. photo: @Lanny, February 16, 2013.


Newark DE, Supercharger on Dec 23, 2012 Video
Tesla Supercharger Map

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