Featured Plug In Site: Potomac Overlook Park, Arlington, VA *CLOSED*


*This Station is Permanently CLOSED*

Peaceful and Secluded Charging Spot

This is one of my favorite charging stations to visit. It’s hidden down a gravel road in a peaceful wooded park near the Potomac River in northern Arlington, Virginia.

Many of us are used to finding a coffee shop, restaurant or movie theater nearby when we plug into a Level 2 public charging station for a boost. This “plug in site” in Potomac Overlook Regional Park has a nature center, hiking trails, gardens, picnic tables and a sustainable energy exhibit to occupy your time while charging.

Potomac Overlook Park EV charging station - click map
Potomac Overlook Park EV charging station – click map for details

First EV Charging Station in Arlington
This SemaConnect ChargePro is the very first electric vehicle charging station installed in Arlington. It was unveiled at the park’s 26th Annual Potomac Overlook Open House & Heritage Festival on May 1, 2011.


*This Station is Permanently CLOSED*

The charging station is accessed by driving down a gravel road normally closed to the public. It’s beside a brown shed on the right about 100 feet before the Nature Center.


The park is open daily, dawn to dusk. The park manager asks that you call first so that they can manage vehicular use on the Nature Center access road. During events or heavy visitation, the charging station may not be available.


*This Station is Permanently CLOSED as of 11/28/16*

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