Ever Been ICEd? – Charging Challenges

CevartthumbStory of the Anti-ICEing law in Montgomery County, MD

Our recent post showing the Jeep that got slapped with a $60.00 fine for ICEing has kinda gone viral. It’s generated thousands of views and has been shared and discussed in EV related groups on Facebook and elsewhere. It’s even prompted a thread on a VW enthusiast forum asking how common these laws are. Maybe these photos will serve as a warning to gas car drivers to think twice before parking in an EV charging spot.

The truth is, most jurisdictions still don’t have laws against blocking a charging station. It took years to get the first such law in Maryland and Montgomery County is still the only jurisdiction in the state to give tickets for ICEing on private parking lots where most of the charging stations are located.

Advocating for a similar law in your area
It’s not easy to get these laws made. I wrote an article for the Electric Auto Association’s Current EVents detailing some of the history and challenges of the first anti-ICEing law in Maryland and tips on advocating for similar legislation in your jurisdiction. Click here to read.