EV Charging at Capital Crescent Garage in Bethesda, MD


The Capital Crescent Parking Garage in Bethesda, Maryland opened today with 1,250 parking spaces including spots designated for Electric Vehicle charging. The five-floor underground garage is near Bethesda Row at Woodmont and Bethesda Ave.

The charging stations are located near the Woodmont South entrance of the garage. There appears to be at least two dual-port ChargePoint stations around space number 1106. The spots are marked with green stripes, a rectangular “EV” symbol on the floor and signs indicating “No Parking Except Electric Vehicles.” There are also signs indicating “Four Hour Parking” at the charging spots.

The signs appear to conform to official regulations which would mean that anyone who parks a vehicle that is not a plug-in vehicle in those spots are violating Montgomery County Code §31-26B and may be subject to being fined.


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