Electrify America Posts Enforceable Signs in Columbia, MD

Electrify America in Columbia, MD

Signage is a Model for Maryland EV Chargers

Electrify America is building one of their largest and highest powered charging stations in the parking lot of Walmart in Columbia, Maryland. There are 10 DC Fast Charging dispensers, five are labeled 320 kW.

When construction started to wind down and signs were installed, I was disappointed to see only “branding” signs with, “EV charging only” printed in small, thin letters on the far ends of the charging area. I took to Twitter and asked @ElectrifyAm for signs that conformed to the MUTCD standards so that the police could enforce Howard County’s anti-ICEing ordinance.

@ElectrifyAm responded that the feedback was being reviewed. A few weeks later I noticed that two signs had been added under the original branding signs that read, “No parking except while charging.” I was grateful that EA placed the new signs but still a bit concerned that two signs for 10 chargers wasn’t going to be adequate.

Sometime in recent weeks more signs were posted at the site. I am delighted to see that each of the 10 charging spots has its own “no parking” sign so that it is abundantly clear that each of these spots are reserved for electric vehicle charging only. Anyone who blocks a station in violation of the ordinance may risk getting a ticket from the Howard County police.

Thank you to the team at Electrify America for responding to the request to protect these charging spots in Howard County. The EV community and Howard County Council, particularly Jen Terrasa and Calvin Ball, worked hard to get an anti-ICEing ordinance enacted. However, its effectiveness depends on the cooperation and commitment of the charging companies and site hosts to post the required signs.

The signage at the Electrify America site in Columbia, Maryland is a good model that other charging networks and site hosts can pattern after.

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