DuCard Vineyard Destination Charging – Etlan, Virginia


You can’t avoid the enthusiasm for electric car charging at DuCard Vineyards. Drive past the main parking area, cross the bridge over the little stream and pull your EV up to the red barn with the solar roof. A simple monochrome sign announces the “DuCard Vineyard Refueling Station.” Arrows direct visitors to three methods of recharging that the winery dispenses. “TESLA” points to the 80 Amp Wall Connector for Model S and X drivers, “Other Electric” points to the 30 Amp J-1772 unit around the corner and once you’ve plugged in, follow the “People” refueling station arrow to their tasting room with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains on the edge of Shenandoah National Park.


DuCard was named Virginia’s greenest winery when it opened. They were the first in Virginia to have solar, they used reclaimed lumber when constructing the buildings, minimize the use of plastic in their operation and serve only locally produced food in their tasting room.


DuCard is participating in the Tesla Destination Charging program. Guests can recharge their electric vehicle while they enjoy wine tasting, music and other events at the winery. Calendar


On a recent visit, we arrived in three Tesla Model S cars. They were happy to see us and people came out with cameras to document our visit. DuCard is located near Etlan, VA, about 80 miles from Washington, DC. It is a nice scenic drive to get there and the patio next to a stream is a nice place to relax while getting a boost of electrons to return home.

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