DC Fast Chargers at High’s Store in Jessup, Maryland

DC Fast Chargers Coming Soon

High’s Ice Cream was a memorable part of my childhood growing up in Virginia. My grandmother would drive us to the local store and we’d sit on the Naugahyde covered stools and order a special treat. My favorite flavor was Butter Brickle.

Now, it seems the old ice cream stores that I remember are gone but the High’s brand lives on as a convenience store chain complete with banks of gasoline pumps. A new High’s store just opened in Jessup, Maryland that portends yet another new direction for the 92 year old company. 

Electron Filling Station

The Jessup store has DC fast chargers for filling electric cars with electrons. The two chargers are installed next to the automatic car wash across the parking lot from the row of gas pumps.

It’s a sweet surprise to see EV charging being embraced by this convenience store chain. The ChargePoint Express Chargers are not powered on yet. When the chargers are operational, I’ll have to stop by and see if High’s still has that Butter Brickle ice cream.

Location: High’s #62 – 2871 Jessup Rd. Jessup MD 20794