Conference to Explore Role of Maryland Utilities in EV Deployment


The Public Service Commission of Maryland has announced a Public Conference to explore regulatory issues related to the deployment of electric vehicles in the state.

The public conference is scheduled for July 14, 2016 starting at 10:00 AM in Baltimore. The PSC plans to provide a live stream of the panels.

Three panels are currently scheduled:

1) Utility Investment in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

This panel will discuss the potential for utility involvement in deploying EV charging infrastructure in Maryland.

2) The Grid-Related Costs Associated with Vehicle Fleet Electrification

This will address strategies, such as time-of-use tariffs to minimize grid-related costs associated with EV deployment.

3) Energy Justice Spotlight: Access to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure and Charging Incentives in Limited-Income and Other Under-Served Communities

Panelists will discuss potential energy justice issues and identify potential methods to address them through coordinated EV deployment strategies in the State.

Download a PDF of the notice here.

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