Coast-to-Coast Group Tour in the First Supercharged Summer

Roseville, CA Supercharger

On July 12th, 2014, a group of Tesla enthusiasts embarked on a 3,605-mile journey from Delaware to California via the first coast-to-coast Supercharger route. That year was the first time in history that the coast-to-coast “Great American Road Trip” could easily be done in an electric car. Tesla had just completed building their first cross-continent Supercharging route and the TeslaRoadTrip “Supercharging Across America” group were eager to give it a go.

California or Bust!

The destination was the Tesla Motors Club TMC Connect conference in Monterey, California with a big outdoor picnic the night before the conference.

The convoy pulled out of the Newark, DE Supercharger with the cars covered in decals and headed across Maryland and Pennsylvania on the first day out. Other Teslas joined the group as they made their way across the USA. The daily destinations for the six-day trip were: Maumee, OH, Albert Lea, MN, Lusk, WY, Green River, UT, Barstow, and Roseville, CA.

The Great American Road Trip is Electric

Supercharging Across America

All the cars were 85 kWh first generation Model S. A few of the stretches required a 100% charge in order to make it to the next Supercharger, especially with hills and headwinds. It was not unusual to arrive at a Supercharger with fewer than five miles remaining.

Other Tesla drivers joined along the way. By the time the group reached California, they included over a dozen cars.

In the years since that first Supercharged summer, many Tesla drivers have discovered the joy of taking a cross-country road trip. Hundreds more Superchargers have opened and there are many more routes with Superchargers.

Tesla Road Trip convoy

Perhaps it’s less of an “adventure” today than it was back during the summer of 2014, but the Great American Road Trip in an electric car is an unforgettable experience.

See America. Drive electric.