Annapolis, Maryland Supercharger Under Construction

Annapolis Tesla Supercharger
Construction has begun on a Tesla Supercharging Station in the parking garage at 217 Harker Place at Annapolis Towne Centre. There appear to be eight diagonal pull-in stalls going in at the NW corner on the ground second floor.

A Tesla Supercharger in Annapolis has been talked about for years. Several locations have been rumored or speculated during that time including the Annapolis Towne Centre which is managed by the same company that has the Towne Centre at Laurel where the Laurel Supercharger opened in 2016.

The Tesla “Find Us” webpage says that the Annapolis Supercharger is targeted to open this summer. Tesla has also identified Baltimore as targeted for a Supercharger this summer. Stay tuned. Read More …

Six-Stall DC Fast Charger Sites Coming to Maryland

6-stall DCFC Silver Spring
CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Charging Station in North Silver Spring, Maryland

Outside of a few places in California, it’s rare to find more than two DC Fast Chargers together at a single location. Tesla has hundreds of Supercharger sites with as many as 40 charging stalls. Maryland House and Chesapeake House Travel Plazas on I-95 have four CCS/CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers each.

But now, two sites in Maryland are under construction with six dual-port CCS/CHAdeMO Fast Chargers lined up in a row similar to what you would see at a Tesla Supercharging station. One is being built in a hotel parking lot near Columbia Pike and Cherry Hill Rd. in Silver Spring, about 3 miles west of I-95.

The other six-stall fast charging location is at Nottingham Commons in White Marsh, about 2 miles east of the White Marsh Blvd. Exit on I-95. Read More …

Howard County Library Elkridge Branch EV Charging

Elkridge Library EV Charging HoCo

New Elkridge, MD Library Features Two Level 2 Charging Ports

There are two EV charging ports at the newly opened Elkridge Branch of the Howard County Library. The Grand Opening of the library was Saturday, March 10 and a large enthusiastic crowd attended the ceremony.

The dual 6.6 kW ChargePoint station in the parking lot requires no fee as of now, however, you will need a card or mobile device to release the connector from the holster.

Elkridge Library Bubble Wall
The Library’s Bubble Wall is popular with the kids.

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Gaithersburg, MD Supercharger is Officially Open

The Gaithersburg, Maryland Tesla Supercharger is officially open. Several Tesla drivers reported the power being turned on and being able to charge Wednesday night, December 13, 2017. By Thursday afternoon, the Gaithersburg Supercharger was listed on the Tesla “Find Us” web page. The Supercharger became visible on the in-car Tesla Navigation screen several hours later.

The Supercharger station is located on the first floor of the parking garage at Rio Washingtonian Center, 9811 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878. It has 12 stalls with a pull-forward parking configuration and one stall is marked as ADA accessible. This station is one of only a few Superchargers to have a battery.

Other Tesla Superchargers to open recently in the Washington, DC area, include National Harbor and Grasonville, Maryland.

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EV Fast Chargers Open at Two Maryland Travel Plazas on I-95

Maryland House EV Charging Stations

It just got a little easier to travel up and down I-95 in the mid-Atlantic with an Electric Vehicle thanks to a public-private partnership that brings 26 EV fast charging spots to two travel plazas in Maryland.

In a ceremony at the Maryland House Travel Plaza in Aberdeen, Maryland, Department of Transportation (MDOT) Deputy Secretary R. Earl Lewis, Jr. announced that EV charging stations are now open at the Maryland House and Chesapeake House travel plazas on I-95 in northeast Maryland.

“With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, this is great news for our customers traveling up and down the I-95 corridor,” Deputy Secretary Lewis said. The Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) and its partner Areas USA, which operates the Travel Plazas, worked with the Electric Vehicle Institute to install eight 50 kW Fast Chargers, four at Maryland House and four at Chesapeake House. The dual-port chargers which support both CHAdeMO and CCS standard connectors were funded with help from a grant from the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA).

Deputy Secretary Lewis added, “The charging stations are free to our customers, and you really can’t beat the convenience. You can grab a bite to eat inside the travel plaza while you’re waiting for your vehicle to charge.”
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Dunkin’ Donuts DC Fast Charger in Jeannette, PA

Grab a coffee and a Boston Kreme while you quick charge your Chevy Bolt EV, Nissan LEAF or other DC Fast Charger compatible Electric Vehicle at Dunkin’ Donuts at 6524 Lincoln Highway, Jeannette, Pennsylvania. MAP LINK

This charging station is about 25 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh on Rt. 30 which is also part of the old Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast road, established in 1913 and designated as the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor for 200 miles in Western Pennsylvania.

This DC Fast Charger is on the EVgo charging network and has both CCS Combo and CHAdeMO connectors and is rated at 50 kW. A message on the screen notes that it is eligible for complimentary access for participants in the Nissan “No Charge to Charge” program.

In addition to the Jeannette store, Dunkin’ Donuts has fast chargers at Pittsburgh area locations in Aliquippa, Canonsburg, Crafton, Etna, Harmar, and West View.

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Martinsburg, WV Supercharger is Open

The Tesla Supercharger station in Martinsburg, West Virginia is officially open according to the Tesla “Find Us” web page on Friday, September 29, 2017. Martinsburg shows up on the Tesla Navigation screen as well.

The Martinsburg Supercharger is located at Sheetz #220, 1465 Edwin Miller Blvd, Martinsburg, WV 25401. It has eight stalls with four stalls designated as 15 minute General Parking.

Other Tesla Superchargers are under construction in the Mid-Atlantic, including one at National Harbor, and are anticipated to open soon.

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DC Fast Chargers at Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95

UPDATE: Chargers are now open.

Four Universal DC Fast Chargers Installed

Four DC Fast Chargers have been installed at the Maryland House Travel Plaza on I-95 near Aberdeen, Maryland. These 50 kW fast chargers can be used by electric vehicles with CHAdeMO and SAE Combo (CCS) connectors including the Nissan LEAF, BMW i3 and Chevy Bolt EV.

The DC Fast Chargers are located on the north side of the building on the west side of the parking lot. As of September 24, 2017 they have not been powered on. The units seem to be operated by Electric Vehicle Institute (EVI) of Baltimore. There is a credit card payment mechanism on each unit but the price to charge is not shown. Read More …

Aberdeen & La Vale, Maryland Superchargers Open

Just in time for the Labor Day holiday weekend, the Aberdeen, Maryland Supercharger and the La Vale, Maryland Supercharger are open. They appeared on the Tesla Navigation screen as well as the Tesla “Find Us” web page today, Friday, September 1, 2017.

Aberdeen Supercharger is at the Maryland House Travel Center on I-95 and has 8 stalls.

La Vale Supercharger is located at a Sheetz convenience store off I-68 with 8 stalls.

A number of other Tesla Superchargers are under construction in the Mid-Atlantic and are anticipated to open soon.

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Lewes, Delaware Charging Station Ribbon Cutting

The Lewes, Delaware Board of Public Works, along with the City of Lewes and Avatar Instruments, hosted a celebration of electric vehicles on Monday, Aug. 28, 2017. The festivities began with an enthusiastic crowd and about a dozen electric cars gathering at the EV charging stations on Schley Ave. in Lewes. EV drivers had come from as far as Philadelphia, Northern Virginia and Columbia, Maryland to participate.

Around noon, the electric vehicles were escorted by Lewes Police on a cruise through town and along the beach to the town’s second set of charging stations at Otis Smith Park on Savannah Rd. where Mayor Theodore W. Becker along with Darrin Gordon, General Manager, Lewes Board of Public Works, officials from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control and Paul and Debra Evalds from Avatar Instruments cut the ceremonial ribbon to officially open the new EV charging stations.

Video of EV Cruise and Ribbon Cutting. Read More …