BGE Fast Chargers at Glenwood Library in Howard County

A BGE EVsmart public charging site is coming to the Glenwood Branch of the Howard County Library System and Gary J. Arthur Community Center. The utility owned and operated charging stations are installed, but not yet operational as of May 20, 2020. UPDATE: Chargers operational as of June 25, 2020 There are two DC Fast Chargers and six Level 2 ports in the north east corner of the main parking lot. [map link]

Liquid-Cooled Fast Chargers

The two 50 kW fast chargers are liquid-cooled Tritium Veefil TRI93-50-01-US models. This is a departure from the Efacec QC45 quick chargers used in earlier BGE installations such as Westminster and Ellicott City. Having multiple fast chargers at the Glenwood site should help bolster EV drivers’ confidence because they will know that if one fast charger is occupied or inoperable, they have an alternative fast charger to try.

Usage Fees Paid via Greenlots

The BGE fast chargers have a fee of $0.34 per kWh. The Level 2 charging costs $0.18 per kWh. Those fees are subject to change with the approval of the Maryland Public Service Commission which regulates the utilities. Payment is via a Greenlots account.

Signs Inadequate for ICEing Enforcement

Unfortunately, the signs posted here aren’t enforceable according to the Howard County Police Department’s Training Bulletin which provides guidance to officers when responding to calls of non-electric vehicles parked in EV charging spaces. UPDATE: Signs have been replaced with enforceable MUTCD standard signs. I’ve communicated the signage issue to Howard County officials and hope that the County and BGE will change the signs at all public EV charging stations on Howard County property. This was the will of the EV community who advocated for the Howard County anti-ICEing ordinance that was passed in 2014. See: Video of Public Comments on Howard Co. Bill CB36-2014.

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