Anti-ICEing Law Reference Guide Produced

PlugInSites_org_Legislation_Guide-01At least seven states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to punish drivers who park a non plug-in vehicle in a space designated for an EV charging station, a practice known as ICEing. That means there are 43 states and countless municipalities that may need to consider such a law.

I have advocated for anti-ICEing laws in Montgomery County and Howard County in Maryland. In September, I spoke before the Maryland Electric Vehicle infrastructure Council to ask them to support a state-wide law. A bill is being drafted to be introduced in the 2016 Maryland General Assembly. I have created a resource page with links to other state laws, news articles, previously introduced bills, news articles and guidelines to assist the drafters of that bill.

PlugInSites is making this resource available to EV advocates and lawmakers who are looking for models and information to help draft anti-ICEing laws in other jurisdictions around the United States.

Here is the link to the PlugInSites Legislation Reference.

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