Anti-ICEing Law Hits a Snag at Maple Lawn

The decision to erect official parking control signs that make the “anti-ICEing” laws in Montgomery and Howard counties enforceable is entirely up to the private property owner. The management of St. John Properties at Maple Lawn in Howard County have decided, after some consideration, that they will not be putting up signs at this time. It is their assessment that signs are “not needed” and they don’t think ICEing is a problem.

MLcones01Also, the orange cones that they have been diligent in keeping in place, were gone on my last visit to Maple Lawn. The cones have been an effective deterrent but they are very inconvenient to get out and move, especially in a drenching downpour as I’ve had to do several times there. The cones have also reportedly discouraged some EV drivers who thought the charging stations were off-limits to everybody.

The manager told me that the cones were a temporary measure to “train” people not to park in the charging spaces. They said that they plan to leave warning notes and perhaps tow, presumably under Howard County trespass tow statutes.

MLnote01Notes have been tried at that location under a different manager in the past. That effort was not successful.

Predictably, there was an SUV parked in one of the charging spots last night.



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