Anti-ICEing Ordinance Proposed in Jersey City, NJ

Public Hearing Scheduled for June 28, 2017

The Jersey City, New Jersey City Council has proposed an ordinance that would make it unlawful to block a specifically designated EV parking space or charging station with a non-electric vehicle or to occupy a charging space with an EV unless it is actively charging.

The proposed City Ordinance 17-075 [PDF link] was introduced at the June 14, 2017 Council Meeting and it also defines certain terms related to electric vehicle charging for purposes of the Code and it requires specific information to be placed on the signs at EV parking/charging spaces in order to be enforceable.

City Ordinance 17-075, portions excerpted below, would authorize towing as well as a fine for violations occurring on a street, alley or City parking facility.

SECTION. 3, Prohibitions

  1. When a sign authorized under Section 2 above provides notice that a space is designated as electric vehicle parking or an electric vehicle charging station, no person shall stop, stand, or park any non-electric vehicle, or otherwise block access to parking, in any such designated parking space or charging station.
  2. When a sign authorized under Section 2 above provides notice that a space is designated as electric vehicle charging station, it is unlawful to park or permit to be parked any vehicle, including an electric vehicle, if such electric vehicle is not in the process of charging. Only one electric vehicle should occupy any space marked as an electric vehicle parking space or charging station, and no person should park except within the boundaries of the space defined.

SECTION 4, Enforcement

  1. Electric vehicle parking spaces and charging stations shall be enforced by any Police Officer or Parking Enforcement Officer as defined in Code Section 3-91(2).
  2. Violations of this chapter shall be punishable in accordance with Code Section 3-91(2). Each day such violation is committed shall constitute a separate offense and shall be punishable as such.
  3. In addition to a fine, a person who has parked or left a vehicle standing upon a street alley, or City parking lot or garage in violation of this paragraph is subject to having the vehicle removed from the street, alley or City parking lot or garage in accordance to Code Section 3-91(4).

A public hearing on 17-075 is scheduled at the City Council meeting on June 28, 2017 at 6:00 PM.

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